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CellGar for ALL Mobile Devices

  • CellGar Fractals Protect You and Your Loved Ones from EMF, ELF, microwaves and other electromagnetic dangers!
  • Use your Cell Phone, Smart Phone and Laptop safely!
  • CellGar 3 in 1 Protection for Peace of Mind
  • CellGar Fractals are Digitally Imprinted & Infused with Beneficial Frequencies using Quantum Physics!
  • CellGar Fractals Shield Bodies & Brains from Harmful Electronic Pollution!
  • CellGar Fractals use Positive Energy Holograms!

CellGar Fractals are Specially Designed with Energetic Properties to Protect and Diffuse Harmful Radio Waves and Frequencies.
Using a Quantum Generator, each Fractal is Infused with Beneficial Frequencies:

  • Harmonic Codes
  • NASA Sound of the Sun Frequency
  • Other Frequencies known to cause Positive Changes

These frequencies protect the user from the harmful effects of EMF’s, ELF’s and radio waves from electronic devices such as:
Mobile phones
Cell phones
Smart Meters
Smart phones
Laptop and Desk top Computers

The CellGar Fractal is digitally printed on a foil hologram. The hologram aids in the electrical dispersion of harmful frequencies for the protection of the human body.

Fractals double as a piece of artwork adding beauty and interest to your phone or other electronic device.