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L.I.F.E System Session

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Machine Operation

During the testing phase, the machine measures the stress response of your body to frequency signatures produced by the machine. These energy signatures are identical to those of allergens, healthy organs, and disease conditions. When your body responds with high stress to one of these signatures, it can be deduced that the signature represents a problem for your body.

During the balancing portion of a session, the machine sends your body frequency signatures that correspond to the correct response or function of your body for each problem detected during testing. The body takes this energetic frequency as information which it can use to correct the problem. For example, a kidney that is not functioning correctly has a different energy signature from a healthy kidney. When the machine sends the energy signature of a health kidney, our bodies recognize that that is the correct way for the kidney to vibrate. The kidney can then change its vibration to match this more healthy vibration. The machine does not perform any treatment, it simply gives the body information in a form it can understand. The body can then make the change, if it so chooses.  In this way, the body is performing the healing, the machine is merely supplying information

Initial Session $80.00
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