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Flower of Life Pendant

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QuantumUB Pendant experiences may also result in:
•    Increased energy
•    A feeling of increased core strength
•    Clear-headedness
•    Increased mobility
•    Pain relief
•    Balanced energetic state
•    Restful sleep
•    Vivid, creative or instructional dreams
•    Normalization of physical parameters
•    Reduction of disease states

This beautiful jewelry piece is handcrafted in Sedona, Arizona USA with meticulous care and attention to detail.

A rare Charoite stone is paired with a powerful Azeztulite semi-precious gemstone to create a stunning pendant with our highest energetic connection – Enlightenment. (Additional details on both stones can be found under the “Stone” tab.)

The Enlightenment Flower of Life Pendant contains targeted frequencies to elevate consciousness and assist in clearing blockages in DNA as well as the mind and auric field. This pendant also contains the frequencies known to be protective, both physically and psychically.

Utilizing quantum physics equipment, the pendant is infused with specifically targeted frequencies that assist the wearer in finding the next step on the Path of Enlightenment. Whatever the necessary mix of lessons and opportunities required, the energies infused in this pendant work to attract the correct balance. These frequencies also assist the wearer to have a deeper intuitive connection with Self, which hones discernment and decision-making processes.

Our artisans fashion the QuantumUB Enlightenment Flower of Life pendant with a silver and gold-filled bail and distinctive wire wrappings. This enhanced design features a six-petal Sterling Silver flower holding an Azeztulite semi-precious gemstone. The Sterling Silver flower is artistically centered and firmly connected to the stone via the wire winding.

The QuantumUB Flower of Life Pendant bail and multiple wire windings increase the body’s internal voltage by a minimum factor of 10-12. Increasing the body’s internal voltage improves its electrical and immune systems.

The Enlightenment Flower of Life Pendant advanced energetic connection is the result of the Tesla effect on the wire wrapped around the Pendant and the additional winding that create the bail. All Flower of Life components are infused with the Protective Frequencies!

The enhanced design features, the increased frequency infusion, the Tesla effect and the Charoite and Azeztulite stones together move the QuantumUB Enlightenment Flower of Life pendant to the highest level of QuantumUB pendants.

Choose your foundation level from the basic ProTec to the higher frequency Flower of Life collection and wear in Good Health!

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