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Universal Balance introduces you to the family of QuantumUB Pendants with the ProTec, the starting point to experience positive energetic frequencies! Choosing a ProTec Pendant is an excellent starting point for Frequency enhanced products. The basic ProTec provides many of the same benefits as the more enhanced QuantumUB Frequency designs. If you want or need Advanced energetic connections, QuantumUB Trinity, Spiral and Flower of Life pendants have been designed with you in mind. Choose your perfect energetic connection Pendant from basic to advanced and wear in Good Health! Anecdotal evidence shows that Frequency-Infused Pendants exert a Protective Influence – Protection from EMF and ELF / Computer / Monitor / Cell Phone / Television / Microwaves and other harmful electrical and magnetic fields. Universal Balance Quantum Physics studies affirm that people feel stronger and less affected by harmful substances and fields when protected by Frequency Infused products! It is the general consensus that improvements noted while wearing the QuantumUB Pendants result from cell electrical voltage restoration that establishes a stronger bio-electromagnetic field in and around the body. Positive changes in the invisible components of the body’s aura offer an increased sense of well-being and emotional health to the QuantumUB Pendant wearer. No radiation or negative electrical activity is ever used in the Frequency Infusion of the QuantumUB Pendants! Pendants are infused using the Universal Balance Quantum Physics process only so wear in Good Health and Happiness!




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