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Lymphatic Massage

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Lymphatic Massage

The lymph system does not have a pump like the heart in order to circulate the lymph fluid. It relies on body movement for circulation. Sedentary people need to use other methods to circulate lymph fluid such as massage. 


The lymph system dumps toxins and dead cells into the blood on both sides of the collar bone. Using massage to push lymph in this direction helps the lymph system quickly get rid of dangerous cells.A Great Tool for Lymphatic Massage
Vibrating massagers are not effective in moving lymph fluid. Roller massagers are much better. The biggest problem with roller massagers is they are hard to hold for very hold. The Mini-Roller Magnetic Massager has the best handle for easy holding and it is the prefect width to massage (perhaps pump is a better word) deeply but gently. It comes with easy to follow instructions.  
Order the Mini-Roller Magnetic Massager for $18 plus $4 shipping by clicking the Order button below. The Mini-Roller comes with a full money back grantee with no time limit. Sorry no international orders. People love how this massager makes you feel so much that no one has ever returned one.


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