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Hyp No Cancer Lite CD

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The reasons the original Hyp No Cancer CD is so powerful is that it shows the listener’s body the cost of allowing the tumors to grow. This may sound scary at first, but read this entire section and the “Spontaneous Remission” section above before deciding which CD to purchase. The CD without this powerful image is the “Lite” CD. The other CD (brown cover) creates this image with these words:

“Imagine that you see the tumors grow a little bit and see yourself getting less healthy, parts of your body are starting to starve because the tumors are taking their food. The body must know that if it allows the tumors to continue to grow, you will become more sick, less health, and the other parts of your body will start to starve and stop their function. But the body will not do this, the body knows now that it must make the tumors shrink. See the tumors shrink once again…”

This is a controversial suggestion because a negative image is being created. However, this is absolutely needed. The body is extremely reluctant to destroy something that is growing as nicely as tumors grow in the beginning. If you don’t show your body why the tumors must be destroyed, your message will not be strong enough to encourage the desired spontaneous remission.

If you don't want the controversial words, order Hyp No Cancer Lite. Those words were are not used in Hyp No Cancer Lite.

Both CD have two tracks: one track for cancer tumors, and one track for cancer cells.

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