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MRS Sample Muscle Test Kit (12 Free Card Samples)

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Most alternative cancer treatments work on less than half the people who try them. Therefore, it is imperative to:

Be ready to try a couple of alternative treatments.

This type of use is unfamiliar to most people. Therefore, if you are not familiar with Applied or Behavioral Kinesiology also called muscle testing, read the Principles of Operation section to see that the principles behind the MRS Cards are indeed well established.

Keeping in Mind that all the reference to MRS Cards throughout this website is making reference to Muscle Response Stress (Behavioral Kinesiology).

MRS Cards come with illustrated instructions for energetically testing your response to the 12 alternative cancer treatments below:
CBD-HEMP CBD (Cannabinoids) 
Beta Glucan Beta Glucan 
Cantron  Cancell like product Cantron and Protocel 
Cesium Chloride 
Emulsified Vitamin A 
Ellagic Acid
Essiac Tea 
Hydrazine Sulfate
Laetrile B-17
MGN-3 .
Paw Paw 
  We include free of charge 12 different samples to try on yourself. You may incorporate your own samples and get results. We include in the kits, an Energetic Booklet, instructions on use with your free samples and other means try. We suggest you read more about Kinesiology and look up video’s on YouTube are also helpful to give more understanding to these techniques.

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