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Herbal medicine has existed for many centuries. For much of history, it was the only medicine; in some cultures, today, it still is.

The Internet has undoubtedly helped the ever-increasing resurgence of interest in herbal remedies for treating a vast range of conditions and diseases.

Only a couple of decades ago, patients were reliant almost solely on their general practitioner for medical knowledge. While some were prepared to consider “alternative therapies”, many were very conditioned to their education, which was firmly rooted in surgery and pharmacy as the primary treatment options.

Now, patients and sufferers can do their own research, and more reassuringly, read the experiences of others with similar problems. This has allowed them to learn what has worked for others. It has also opened their eyes to the problems that some pharmaceutical “solutions” have caused individuals.

Western medicine research has made some significant advances in improving human health, but it seems too apparent sometimes that certain elements have conspired to prioritize financial returns over healthful outcomes. Big pharmacy is a big industry with a lot of clout.

For some people and some conditions, there may be no other viable option. For most, however, it is in the very best interest of their long-term health to explore natural, herbal solutions to their conditions first.

Herbs for health is not a punchy slogan, it is a truism.

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