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Headaches, The Types, Causes, Remedies

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Headache is the bane of many a person’s life, affecting not only sufferers but also those around them. Headache is a broad term, far too broad and non-descriptive to be of help to someone who needs to find out the “why” behind their affliction.
Unfortunately, the simplistic “take 2 aspirin” has for too long been accepted, unquestioned and applied by many headache sufferers. Too many have not determined either the type or causes of their headache, instead habitually treating only the pain symptoms with analgesics.  
A great many are unaware of the damage that long-term use of painkillers can cause.
This document gives insight into the main types of headache most people will encounter, their causes, and treatment options. Efforts made to correctly diagnose the type and cause will allow targeted treatments to be chosen. 
Hopefully, this can result in better avoidance of headaches, improved pain management, and better long-term health. 

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