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When confronted by a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, or even pre-diabetes, the biggest single realization is that what got them there is their diet or eating habits.

 Sure, other factors, such as exercise and even genetics may have played a part, but they only influenced the big one - diet.

 From there, it is a logical conclusion that what got you there, wont get you out of there. For your healths sake - vitality, mobility, longevity and more changes are essential.

 A lifetime of dietary habit cannot be overturned at a single sitting, nor is this something that can be cured so you can return to your old eating ways.

 This eBook discusses different diets that have proven effective for turning around the effects of persistent high blood sugar.

You will see that being healthy and avoiding or reversing diabetes symptoms does not have to be a tasteless experience. These diets are not solely for diabetics; many non-diabetics base their eating behaviors around them. 

They do it for taste and health, knowing they can enjoy tasty and wholesome food now, and avoid diabetes later.

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