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Big Fitness Decisions

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Choosing Your Next Fitness Goals

Whenever you decide to get fit, there are several big decisions you must make. The main one is what fitness goal will you set for yourself that will put you on the path to success? Print this eBook and use it to help make the decisions you need to journal.

Why We Fail with Our Fitness Goals

A lot of people set a fitness goal and try to keep up the excellent work. After a couple of days or weeks of effort, however, they have usually given up. In some cases, they might be in even worse shape than before due to an injury caused by overdoing things, or not doing an exercise correctly.

We often fail to reach our goals because they are too vague, and/or because we think we must be “perfect.”

Setting a SMART Goal

Goals often run along the lines of a statement like this:

“I want to get more fit.”

“I want to lose weight.”

The trouble is these are not SMART goals.


·         Specific

·         Measurable

·         Attainable

·         Relevant/Realistic

·         Timed

Concerning specific, what does more mean? How much weight? Some people decide to spend 30 minutes working out every day. Others set a weight loss goal of, for example, 20 pounds.

The goal should be measurable, so you can track your progress. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Or, check your scale each week to see how much ……………………….

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