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Your eBook with a 43-page handbook of valuable information to read and use.

 Arthritis is a condition which adversely affects the lifestyles of many. It causes discomfort, pain and decreased mobility. Although it is widespread, arthritis and its causes and effects are often much misunderstood.

Many think that arthritis is a straightforward condition, not realizing that there are dozens of distinct conditions that are classified as arthritis, some with very different symptoms, treatments and how the condition is contracted in the first place.
Probably the single most common factor in all, is the pain and lessened mobility, much due to the pain.
For sufferers, the most significant knowledge that they may be unaware of is that in most cases the symptoms do not have to be considered inevitable, to be borne for the rest of their life.
Research and data-sharing have proven that for many suffering from different types of arthritis, the symptoms and degree of pain can be reduced, and the range of movement increased, by changes in diet and lifestyle.
Pharmaceutical treatments exist, and many have become dependent on them, however compelling, natural options are available and have helped many to reduce

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