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Energy Signature

Almost all things contain energy and this energy vibrates in a complex manner depending on the object and the state of the object. This complex vibration of an object is called its energy signature.

All crystalline structures such as stone or glass can be imprinted with an energy signature. 
The energy signature remains in the crystalline structure indefinitely. When it comes to health:

Every object in our bodies has its own energy signature.
The energy signature of a healthy body part is different from when it is sick and from when it is healing.
Our bodies can recognize energy signatures around it and mimic them.

You can send me a note for the specific imprinting you desire, or I can just do the signature for all over healing and balance.  

Using the Pendant

You can wear the pendant around your neck using any chain or the provided round leather cord, put in your pocket, of even tape it to your body. As long as the pendant is in your energy field your body will recognize it as an energy signature for the body part to which it relates.

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