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Wellness Kit

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Complete Wellness Kit for Vitality, Pain Relief & Advanced 
Therapies for over 180 Simple, Acute & Chronically 
Painful Heath Conditions

The Wellness Kit is the 21st Century First Aid and Wellness Kit for the individual and family. Recognized and used by people, practitioners, clinics and medical schools worldwide, the Wellness Kit is the first complete energy therapy toolbox to help the family increase vitality while providing excellent First Aid and advanced therapies for most health conditions. 

The Kit contains everything needed for First Aid such as burns, bug bites, sprains, stomach aches, headaches and general pain relief. The Kit also provides specific protocols and therapies for over 180 A-Z conditions from simple, minor daily aches and pains to acute and chronic illness, disease such as fibro, CFS, MS, Candida, bone unions, regenerating hard and soft tissue, etc. 

The Wellness Kit has been used to regenerate severed nerves, awaken people from comas, helping a man with crushed knees & splintered legs walk normally in 3 months instead of a year; the list goes on… 

The Wellness Kit provides the three sized BioMagnets required for all the therapies, the award winning Conquer Pain therapy book, and the Pictorial Guide with step by step instructions of the advanced protocols. 

Included are Water Jar Energizers for perpetual Bio-Energized Structured Water for cell hydration and increased Red Blood Cell Zeta potential - the energy transferred by the blood responsible for good health. The Kit also contains activated liquid oxygen for internal energy to support metabolic functions and topical First Aid use for stings, burns, and abrasions. 

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