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Tapping Discovery/ Downloadable 

Dr. Roger Callahan had a patient with extreme hydrophobia (fear of water). The patient’s fear was so extreme that she had nightmares involving different water situations. Dr. Callahan worked with her for over a year, but had no real progress. At one point Dr. Callahan had this patient sit near a sliding glass door on the other side of a swimming pool. The patient’s reaction was typical for her; pain in her stomach. Dr. Callahan knew of a traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture point for the stomach meridian on the cheekbone. He asked his patient to tap that acupuncture point, thinking that the tapping might work the same as acupressure and elevate her stomach pains.

Immediately the patient’s stomach pain disappeared. She looked at the swimming pool and didn’t feel any fear. She went outside, no fear. Closer and closer to the pool, no fear. Finally, she bent over and cupped the water in her hand, and splashed her face with the water, no fear. From that day forward, she was never afraid of water again.

Tapping Development

Since the discovery, a lot of research has gone into developing tapping into the most powerful emotional therapy on the planet. It was discovered that just about any condition can be addressed by using nine acupuncture points. The procedure then became to state an affirmation as you tap each point in secession. What was most impressive was the energy that tapping imparted to the users. The great thing about this energy reward is that it creates a powerful stimulus to keeping using the therapy.

Tapping Study

A major tapping study, The Wells Study, was conducted in 2003 and reported in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. EFT was found to effectively reduce phobias (a reliable and easy to gauge result). But, perhaps even more significantly, they retested each person six to nine months after performing ETF and found that the EFT effect was maintained and often enhanced over time. Even more impressive is that the initial EFT session was conducted only once.

DVD Addresses Emotional Issues and More

This DVD contains an introduction to tapping and four tapping sequences that allow you to specifically address:

  • Emotional issues — that probably caused the cancer.
  • Energy — A well know effect of tapping is increased energy, this sequence is a super charger.
  • Pain — Tapping is being used more and more for pain management, it works the same day.
  • Gratitude — As witnessed by the “Two Week Remission” story on the top of the Test Kit page, gratitude is the most healing of all emotions.

Tap Anywhere

Inside the downlod is a print out of each sequence. Each line starts with the name of the tapping point (top of head, side of eye…) followed by the affirmation so you can tap no matter where you are.

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