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Seven Steps to Alternative Cancer Treatment

The Seven Steps  are below, along with some suggestions for getting started:

Step One:  Education and Information on the types of Cancer and how it is effecting you, now and in the future. Understanding your medical care is important to achieving the best outcome. Feeling clear and confident about your care helps put your mind at ease and enhances your ability to enter the deeper dimensions of healing. Find an Alternative Cancer Mentor, whom you trust, and who answers your questions fully. Don''t make hasty decisions. Make decisions based on knowledge and understanding, not on fear.

Step Two: Connection with Others. Whether it is a group on the internet or a website similar to Alternative Cancer Study, you need to find your own personal connection. This is a powerful component of healing. Family members can only do so much. Seek additional support from friends, clergy, and self-help organizations. Join a support group. Talk with others who have navigated the journey though cancer and found positive solutions. Keep an open mind, allow you to conquer the fear that so many people have created, just from the word Cancer. Realize we all have Cancer cells in our body, no matter, who we are, where we live, or what we do.

Step Three: The Body as a Temple. We take our bodies for granted, we need to take a step further in the healing process and Some conventional treatments remain the foundation of leading-edge cancer care. However, taking an active role in caring for your body also includes good nutrition, exercise, massage, relaxation, and other complementary therapies. These can nourish and strengthen the body, soothe and calm the mind, and invigorate the heart and spirit. Look beyond the norm and consider other alternative treatments that may be a compliment to what you are using.

Level Four: Emotional Healing. Cancer can be an emotional roller-coaster. Everyone involved can experience feelings of fear, anger, depression, and doubt -- as well as gratitude and love. Keep a journal to explore and release your innermost feelings. Star to put together a life book for yourself and your family. Work with a counselor or therapist. Don''t neglect your emotional self.

Level Five: The Nature of Mind. Mental anxiety is often another part of cancer. The mind can work for or against you, depending on your focus. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, examine your thoughts and beliefs and see if they are serving you. When fear and doubt are replaced with clarity and understanding, anxiety often diminishes. Ask yourself, "What are the blessings in my life? What am I truly grateful for?"

Level Six: Life Assessment. It is very empowering to discover the deepest meaning and purpose of your life, especially in the face of cancer. Answering three important questions can help clarify your priorities and liberate enormous time, energy, and resources for healing:

  • What is the meaning and purpose of my life?
  • What are my most important goals for the coming year?
  • How do I want to be remembered by those whom I love?
  • How can I add some joy and laughter to my life and turn lemons into lemonade.
  • Remember that you can’t try too many different alternative protocols at the same time, called cocktailing. There are too many different herbs and remedies that aren’t honoring each other. Your body needs time to heal and explore the new ways of dealing with what you are placing into your mouth and on the surface of your skin. Exterior exposure is important.
  • Remember we are very complex in nature and we have the powers within to deal with most any situation.
  • We are what we: EAT* DRINK* THINK

 Level Seven: The Nature of Spirit. There is no better time than now to fully honor and embrace your spiritual essence. It is the source not only of the love, joy, and fulfillment that we all seek, but physical healing as well. Explore this through meditation, reflection, prayer, time in nature, and sharing with loved ones. Remember that your body needs love and care, but your mind, heart, and spirit need and deserve these as well.

As an Alternative Cancer Consultant and Cancer Survivor, I have been honored to guide, and friend to thousands of individuals with cancer and their loved ones thru my websites and consultations. Many heroic people have inspired and taught me a great deal about living courageously in the face of great challenges, and the unknown.

Through this process, I have come to understand the experience of cancer as a journey -- filled with ups and downs and extraordinary opportunities for healing and transformation. I’m in constant change and research, finding that many of the basics are helpful to recovery. Look inside and go with your natural instincts. Many of the old wise tails and remedies are as useful today as they were in the past.

I have also seen, again and again, what powerful roles the mind, heart, and spirit can play in impacting every individual''s journey through cancer.

It is normal and common to feel overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis, as anyone who has been through this experience can attest. Unfortunately, it is not yet normal or common for individuals and families to receive skillful, coherent, and comprehensive help in navigating the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of cancer. For many, this is a painful and tragically missed opportunity. But it doesn''t have to be so.

Over many years of running an Alternative Cancer Website, I was repeatedly asked: "Iin addition to radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, what else can I do to help myself?

What should I eat? What vitamins should I take? What alternative therapies should I use?" And, "How can I deal with the mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges I am encountering?"

In searching for meaningful and practical answers, I saw an important pattern. I recognized that all questions and concerns encountered by patients and their loved ones fall into one of seven distinct, but inter-related domains of inquiry and exploration.

I have altered the above to fit the needs of my experience. For a more accurate explanation please refer to the following book:

We call these "The Seven Levels of Healing" and describe them in detail in "The Journey Through Cancer: Healing and Transforming the Whole Person". They are a powerful guide for navigating all aspects of the cancer journey, including the mental, emotional, and spiritual -- as well as physical -- ones.

Emotions are the root cause of almost every injury and illness. Anger, fear, unworthiness and other emotions get ‘stuffed’ into the body, over time these limiting emotions weaken the physical body creating stiffness, aches, pain and general discomfort, which eventually can cause more serious conditions like tumors and cancer.

In the allopathic and western medicine world we have lost touch with the basic concept of true healing. We substitute a band-aid for a cure and wonder why we don’t feel better. People get ill for many reasons. Each diseased state is telling us that we are ignoring some part of self and change is necessary. While many factors contribute to healing and it happens on many levels, all require attention throughout the entire healing practice. Ignoring the mental, emotional or spiritual bodies would not provide adequate and long-term good health.

Emotions are the foundation on which we build our life. They inspire and they limit us.

Joy, bliss and happiness along with anger, fear, confusion, and unworthiness make us a whole person. Anger is often the impetus of motivation to accomplish goals while fear has the exact opposite effect. Confusion on the other hand, keeps whiling thoughts spinning causing a cloud of chaos. Happiness and joy are contagious and elevate everything we do. But why is it that joy is often the least experienced while fear, anger, confusion and unworthiness dominate?

Limiting emotions cause us to stay stuck in a false perception about the self. Fear plays havoc with relationships, careers, success and finances. Head colds for instance, are a direct result of emotional confusion while a toxic liver motivates anger.

Emotions and beliefs also shroud our true divine Self. As we explore spirituality it is necessary to also acknowledge and eventually release (let go) of limitation in the form of fear, denial and disbelief. This action takes courage and trust as we explore the inner workings of the Self. As our world transitions there is a real (urgent) need to change. External circumstances perpetuate the already abundant level of fear around us. Anger, confusion and mistrust all contribute to a society that is overwhelmed. It’s time for change.

How To Identify Limiting Emotions

Look at friends and family members as mirrors or reflections. What you see in another that bothers you or angers you is a part of yourself that has not yet been healed and loved. I suggest you begin criticizing your dearest friends and then turn all that criticism around to yourself. This exercise gives you an opportunity to look at your limiting emotional issues. Allow others to reflect back your brilliance or limitation. Once you located your personal limitation it’s time for change. Emotional patterns begin in the first place when we place a judgment upon them. This time experience (feel) the energy of anger but don’t judge it—just experience it. Allow anger to run all the way down to your toes. As if you are sitting in a pond of red water—now enjoy it. Love the feeling that anger produces. From here we can begin dialoguing with anger. This helps us locate the core issue underneath the anger. Yes, that is correct, strike up a conversation with anger. Ask it questions like, “What are you teaching me?” or “Why am I so angry all the time?” With these answers you are able to make change.

Imagine seven ‘wheels’ of energy spinning in your body along its centerline, from the base of your spine to the top of your head. These subtle energy channels each correspond to different areas of the body as well as specific life situations. They channel energy to where it’s needed, for optimal health and wellbeing.

In many ways the chakras are like intersections in a busy city. They channel traffic, and the traffic grid is designed to keep traffic flowing freely. But as we have all experienced, city traffic can easily become snarled. All it takes is one angry or insensitive driver blocking an intersection, and everything comes to a stop. Traffic ‘upstream’ from the blockage becomes an impassable domino effect of cars clogging the streets and blocking other intersections. And ‘downstream’, the streets are empty.

Imagine that scenario in your energy flow. If one or more of your chakras are blocked, they cause disturbances and imbalances on both sides of the flow. The result is stagnating energy that causes poor health, undesirable life conditions, unhappiness and a sense that nothing is going right.

You may have blockages or imbalances in several chakras, but it is often due to one major blockage in one chakra that then affects the others. Take a free chakra test to find out which of your chakras are blocked!

Now that you know how important the chakras are to your overall health and wellbeing, let’s look at individual chakras and the ways they affect the system.

Starting at the bottom of the line of chakras, we find the first chakra or the Root chakra, located at the base of the spine. It corresponds to the physical body and connection to the Earth. Just like a foundation, it is concerned with the basics of survival: food, shelter, safety, comfort and belonging. You can tell if your root chakra is closed if you often feel stuck and sluggish; you experience unrelenting stress because of a belief that you must rely on external circumstances; you may have persistent financial problems and find yourself in a less-than-ideal career.

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Just up from the root chakra is the Sacral chakra. This is the seat of kundalini energy, sexuality, pleasure, intimacy, creativity and the joys of life. This chakra is located just below and behind the navel. Looking at the body from head to toe, this is your physical center. If your sacral chakra is weak, you struggle with a healthy self-image; you experience difficulty allowing yourself to become emotionally and sexually intimate; you move from one relationship to another, desperately trying to find “the one” yet lacking the sense that you are worthy of love. Most notably, your libido is very low.

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Moving up, the Solar plexus chakra is the center of your personal power. Physically, it is located about two inches below the breastbone. It is the seat of your ego, willpower, passions and ambition. If your solar plexus chakra is imbalanced or depleted, you will find it difficult to take action on your dreams due to a sense of powerlessness and low self-esteem; you have very low self-worth, feel like a victim and often suffer from stomach issues and anxiety.

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The fourth chakra is the Heart chakra, the center for love and spirituality. Love doesn’t mean only love for others; it also applies to self-love and self-acceptance. This chakra is located right next to your physical heart – which is why, when you are struggling in this chakra, you may experience heartache! If your heart chakra is weak, you have trouble with giving and receiving love and being compassionate; you hold grudges and become needy in relationships, and this often leads to anger and distrust. A weak heart chakra can be at the root of heart disease, asthma and allergies.

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The fifth chakra is next in line. The Throat chakra is your communication center – your voice, your creative self-expression. The throat chakra is also responsible for truth, honesty and integrity. If you are unable to voice your opinions or true feelings; if you are known as the ‘quiet one’ and if you are frustrated because you don’t feel that other people hear what you have to say, your throat chakra is blocked. Throat and mouth problems are common.

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Your sixth chakra is the Third eye chakra (or brow chakra). It sits just between and above the eyes and it is responsible for psychic abilities such as intuition as well as your sense of purpose in life. Your third eye chakra is closed if you struggle with finding meaning in life and often ask yourself, “Why am I here? Why was I even born?” You have trouble making decisions and suffer from headaches and tension.

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Finally, we reach the crown chakra located at the top of your head. This is the connection between you and the divine. It is responsible for spirituality and enlightenment. Your brain functions and central nervous system are controlled by the crown chakra. If this chakra is depleted or blocked, you will experience loneliness, insignificance and meaninglessness. You may feel a strong attachment to material possessions and achievements (and define yourself according to them) and a disconnect from the spiritual side of life. Headaches are common.

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Now, this list of problems can be overwhelming and depressing, if you suffer from more than just a few. But remember, you most likely have a blockage in one primary chakra that causes imbalances in the rest. That’s why it is important to find out where the main blockage is and what caused it. Then, with simple knowledge and exercises, you can become like a helpful police officer guiding traffic at a snarled intersection and restore the free flow of energy in your body.

When the seven chakras are in balance, life feels good and all is as it should be. This small introduction to the seven chakras is just the start to that journey.

The word chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. This is because each of the chakras is connected to the next in what appears to be a vertical line up the body. They also create loops of energy that surround your body. Generally, the 7 chakras are classified from the bottom to top of the head in an ascending manner. Each chakra has a corresponding color that make an ascending rainbow.




Seven Steps to Alternative Cancer Treatment