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Cancell Effectiveness Study Using Cantron and Protocel

This web page contains the results of a survey conducted from 1998 to 2001 on patients using Cancell (Cantron or Protocel). The survey aimed to establish the initial effectiveness of Cancell by asking the questions you can find at the bottom of this page. Five-year survivability was not considered because it is actually not an accurate measure of effectiveness. 

The 48% to 59% success rate reported below is even more impressive when considering that the failure of alternative cancer treatments is often due to emotional issues* and that these patients were not tapping.

Table of Contents


Case Histories
Took Incorrectly or Inconsistently
No Chemo But Took Cancell Incorrectly
Took Chemo Close to Cancell
Incomplete Data
Took Correctly Poor Results
Took Correctly Good Results
Died Took Near Chemo
Died After Less than Two Months

Questions Asked for this Survey


Details About Cantron and Protocel

After reading this study you may want to read more about Cantron or Protocel. They have the same ingridents and work in the same way. Cantron* is less expensive, has a generious return policy, and comes in pill form. Protocel* is connected to the family of the developer, has a poor return policy, but is distributed by a knowledgable naturopath.


Although this is not a scientific clinical trial the results are more significant than testimonials which only present the successes.

The results below were taken from the “Took Correctly Poor Results” and the “Took Correctly Good Results” sections of this page. All other sections are only provided as additional information.

Poor Results

The number of patients who took Cantron or Protocel correctly, but had poor results totaled 10 (Cantron 7, Protocel 3). See the full section below “Took Correctly Poor Results

Good Results

The number of patients who took Cantron or Protocel correctly and had good results totaled 13 (Cantron 8, Protocel 5). See the full section below “Took Correctly Good Results.”

Effectiveness Summary

The total number of patients who took Cantron or Protocel correctly was 23. Out of those 23, 13 had good results. The resultant effectiveness is 59%. It is interesting to note that the developer of Entelev (the formula that all subsequent formulas were based on), James Sheridan, claimed that Entelev had a 50% effectively against all cancers. The reason the 59% result of this study is higher than the developers assement is that I did not count the four cases where chemo was taken near Cantron. If these four cases are added to the calculation, the final result is 48%.


If you are actively researching conventional and alternative cancer treatments, you will often run into the five-year survival statistic. Like many statistics, the five-year survival statistic is misleading. If you have the genes, diet, and lifestyle (stress, anger…) that has caused you to grow tumors, removing the tumors will not prevent you from growing more tumors. To stop growing tumors you must change your diet and lifestyle. This is well-known, but who has more motivation to change their diet and lifestyle:

  • A person who took chemo and suffered the usual debilitating side effects.
  • A person who took a side-effect-free alternative cancer treatment.

How long a person remains tumor free after taking a cancer treatment has very little to do with the effectiveness of the treatment and everything to do with the changes that that person makes in their life. For that reason long term tracking of cancer patients is not necessary to determine effectiveness. If a treatment was successful in destroying tumors, it is an effective treatment. If a person decides to continue a destructive lifestyle, new tumors are not the fault of the treatment.

Case Histories

The medication taken, Cantron or Protocel is written at the beginning of the first line of every case history. These two products have the same ingredients as Cancell, but are manufactured by different companies. Name and email addresses have been removed. However, I retain this information and can contact these people if you would like to have them contact you.

Took Incorrectly or Inconsistently

1. Cantron.  First diagnosed Aug 2000, lung, kidney, & brain tumors, I’m not sure of the type of cancer he was diagnosed with. He was given 6 months. Age of the patient 54. Cancell started orally around the first part of Oct 2000 for about 2 to 2 1/2 months. No chemo was taken. Consistency was D = forgot greater than 4 times a week. Not sure of dates, but his eyes had started jumping because of his radiation treatments for his brain tumor, and within a couple of weeks after taking Cantron, his eyes stopped jumping. Past away dec. 31 2000. Also took “just pain medication besides for the radiation treatments.”

2. Cantron. My mother-in-law took Cancell for only about 2 weeks. CEA levels went down but then up after she stopped taking it. I sent it back to the company for a refund. I had much hope and will keep your email for further reference.

3. Protocel. First diagnosed Aug. 1983 HIV. Age of the patient 33 in 1983, now (2001) 51. Cancell started Oct. 2000. Taken orally.\ for 11 months, still taking it (Sept 01). I took it religiously every 4 hours for 8 months, I have been taking it every 8 hours for the last 3. The response so far: viral load went from non detectable to 94000, T- cells went from 1250 to 750. Last checked 8/14/2001. Was taking all the HIV drugs stopped taking them January of this year 2001.

4. Cantron. First diagnosed 1998, Brain tumor Oligodendroglioma, age of the patient 37, Cancell started Sept 2000, taken orally for 2 weeks. six months between the end of chemo (3 x PCV) and starting Cancell. Consistency was C = would refuse to take about 4 times a week. The response: symptoms got steadily worse. Severe seizures September 2000, memory loss, sleepiness. More seizures October 2000 and November 2000. Hospitalized from October unable to eat or drink anything from end of September. She died still fighting bravely on 29th November. Other things taken besides Cancell: MICOM, Squalamine and OPC. All in the September time frame but just too late. Tried Essiac from July with no positive outcome.

5. Cantron. Yes, I recently had a friend who was taking Cancell for the treatment of cancer. She began taking Cancell in August of 2000 – unfortunately, she lost her battle and passed away on May 8th of this year. The following are answers which pertain to her specifically. I should mention, however, that my brother took Cancell in 1992 for throat cancer and is still with us today because of it. First diagnosed November 1998 breast cancer (98) mastasized to bone (2000). Age 47. Cancell started August 2000, taken orally for 9 months. Used Cantron until March 2000 switched to Protocel at that point. Time between the end of chemo and starting Cancell: 16 months. Consistency was B until the end of February (forgot about two treatments a week) that point she had extensive surgery and fell into the D category (greater than 4 missed treatments a week). Response: took approximately 3 months before she began to see an egg-like discharge. Only appeared a couple of times. No signs of increased energy at any point during treatment. Nausea wasn’t a problem until the very end. I understand that bone cancer is extremely painful. She did experience quite a bit of pain – but ONLY when she had a hip bone break/fracture and also in her back. Until her death, she really didn’t have too much pain which would normally be expected at this stage of cancer illness. We cannot help but wonder if the Cancell helped to minimize her pain. Even the doctors were baffled by her lack of pain. Died May 8, 2001. Took about every supplement recommended at the Cancell Support meetings. Milk Thistle – Pancreatin – Bromoline – Willard’s Water …

6. Cantron. I attempted to use Cantron on my Rottie (dog) who had cancer, it upset her tummy so bad I could not continue the use. She was sent to Rainbow Bridge Sept 19, 2000. She had Synovial Cell Sarcoma a rare type of cancer.

No Chemo But Took Cancell Incorrectly

1. Cantron. Twin sister 52 years old, first diagnosed March 17th, 2000, Hepatobiliary adenocarcinoma, Stage IV. Cantron started April, 2000, Orally for 10 months, with A consistency. NO Chem was ever taken. She expired at my home, on Jan.3rd , 2001, Also took many antioxidants and vitamins, including MGN3, and Flax Oil 1000mg, Germanium, Mega Forte and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Nutrisure OTC, Spirulina 500mg, 1 tab tid pc …about the animal protein, her intake was so poor and I tried desperately to get any source of protein into her.

2. Cantron.  Received Sun, 3 Jun 2001 first diagnosed December/15, 1999, Lung Cancer, advanced 60 year old female Cancell started end of Jan. or mid-february, 2000. taken oral, for 2 months, No Chemo, consistency of dosage B = forgot two treatments a week. One month after first dosage began, X-rays showed disbursement of mass, unfortunately, patient extremely unmotivated due to lack of immediate family support. Patient stopped taking the Cancell in mid April, 2,000. Expired in May, 9, 2,000. Other things did the patient take besides Cancell “Don’t remember, except 3 other items, suggested at the same site.

Took Chemo Close to Cancell

Protocel. First diagnosed January 2000, cancer of small intestines and spots on liver. Age of the patient in 2000 65. Cancell was started in Nov. After the patient did not respond favorably to Chemo treatments. Cancell started one month after chemo ended. Cancell taken for about 10 weeks, never forgot a dose. There seemed to be a positive response in the patient for the first couple of weeks. However, complication after complication continued to provide the patient with setbacks. These were mostly extremely high fevers. The disease continued to progress despite the heroic efforts of all involved. Patient died on February 22, 2001. Patient was on taking glyconutritionals from a company called Mannatech.

1. Cantron. First diagnosed: Feb 00 stage 4 glioblastoma multiform age 54 Cantron started April 00 orally for 6 months started during early sessions of chemo. Consistancy +C = would forget 4 times a week + or – to indicate how on time you were with dosages. Response: nothing really conclusive, except that there was no progression of the desease while maintaining the treatment. She has passed on. Patient took laetrile( orally), A+E emulsion, Proteolytic enzymes, Shark Oil (later in the treament)

2. Cantron. First diagnosed Jan. 17, 2000, pancreatic cancer stage 3, 48 years old, started Cantron within 30 days, Orally then rectally for the last approx. 60 days prior to death, taken for approx. 3.5 months, She had two doses of chemo, within approx. two weeks. Took Cantron with B consistancy (forgot two treatments a week), no noticeable effect. Deceased. Also used, Noni juice, squalamine, OPC’s, and a few other things. The protocol was outlined by Dr. Greg Dowless.

3. Cantron. First diagnosed June l, 1999, stage 4 renal cell, 46 year old male, Cantron started january 2000, taken orally for 3-4 months, chemo taken, Interferon, IL2, and 5-FU – 1-2 weeks after starting Cantron. consistency A = never forgot, no response, cancer continued to grow, husband died January 10, 200, At the time, he was only taking Barley Green and Cantron. Later we tried other suppliments. Nothing worked.

4. First diagnosed February 18, 2000, Metastatic colon cancer, stage 4, age 74. Cancell started August 30, 2000, orally. Cancell taken through Feb. 25, 2001. Took Cancell (supplied by Tony Bell). Three weeks from the end of chemo and starting Cancell. consistency = A (never forgot). My mother died March 19, 2001. Also taken Pancratin, Bromelain and Germanium in doses recommended by Tony.

Incomplete Data

1. Cantron. First diagnosed May 2000 Sarcoma, 3 stage. Age of the patient 67. Cantron started orally December 2000 for 2 months. No chemo was taken. Consistency was A = never forgot a dose. There was no visible change. Father died in February 2001. Other things taken besides Cantron “I don’t know.”

2. My friend Catharina passed away several months ago. She religiously took the Cantron according to your very wonderful directions, including all of the suggested dietary and supplement directions. All her friends and family thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time and attention. Until the very end, she was sure it would work for her and that alone was a gift.

3. Our son died of Brain Cancer 22 Mar 01 at age 19, used Protocel first diagnosed 01/02/99: Giloblastoma, Protocel started: June 99, taken: orally for first time 6 month, 2nd time oct 00 3 months, between the end of chemo and starting Protocel: 2 months, consistency = A (never forgot), no response was reported (I assume no response was noted), the extensive file containing all the things our son took, pils glaore. On 14 nov 99 he was lost to us.

4. First diagnosed: Date:6/99 endstage prostrqate & bone cancer, Age of the patient? 69, Cantron started 10/99, orally for 4 months, used cantron, no chemo taken, 3 months 4 times/day never forgot, 4th month to 6th month 1 dose/day too weak to take it, we feel it extended his life at least 6 to 9 months, deceased feb 16 2001. other things taken besides Cantron hydrozene sulfate, colon therapy, af beta food for liver (does not know what that contained).

5. My father used Cantron for a short period, he started to late and didn’t make it. As you can understand its difficult for me to answer these questions. My farther used all kinds of orthomoluculaire product and lived longer than the doctors said. When this didn’t work anymore he treid Cantron, but not for long.

6. I am sorry i do not know all the answers to your questions and can not ask my mother because the cancer took her life on July 10 2000 i know that she was taking cantron but i believe she dicovered it to late. I am sorry i do not have any answers for you i know how important your work is and if i can be of assistance in any other way please let me know.

7. Patient died on the 26th of July 2000. The brain tumor was too advanced for any type of therapy. It hemmohraged and he bled out. Could not get him to hospital in time to stop the process.

Took Correctly Poor Results

1. Cantron. First diagnosed April 2000 Multiple mylenoma, terminal stage. Age of the patient 72. Started Cantron June 2000, took orally for six months, no chemo. Very consistent with the dosage (A = never forgot). No negative response, but Cantron didn’t stop the progress of the disease. Patient died in January. Also took laetrile 2 per day, grape seed extract 3 a day.

2. Cantron. First diagnosed Nov. 30, 2000, small cell cancer-stage 1. Age 72. Started Cantron on Dec. 6, 2000, orally. Taken for 6 months with A+ consistency (never forgot). No Chemo taken. Did very well until April, Energy level dropped as well as weight, cancer spread to other organs. Died June 22, 2001 Also taken: Hydrazine sulfate 30 mg, Grape seed extract, Megazyme forte, Germanium All taken as directed.

3. Protocel. First diagnosed August 1994, Breast cancer stage 1 or 2. Age at that time, 42. Protocel started orally October 2000 for 3 months, never forgot a dose. No chemo taken. No response after 3 months. Took nothing else while taking Protocel. Surgery did not help, chemo after Protocel and surgery seems to have helped.

4. Protocel/Cantron. First diagnosed 1989, prostate cancer, age of the patient 51 yrs.old Protocel was started Sept 2000 taken orally for 6 months. Started with Protocel for first 3 months and changed to Cantron. No chemo was ever taken. Consistency was A+ (never forgot a dosage, always on time). Saw no response. Died March 2001. Also took “B17 and all the complementary products recommended on the Cantron site.”

5. Cantron. First diagnosed February 2000 with stage 4 colon cancer- adenocarcenoma. Later (?) tumors in colon, lung and lymph and later in brain. Age of the patient 54. Cantron started April or May 2000, orally. Taken until she died in July 2000. No chemo ever taken. Consistency was A = never forgot. No visible response. Other things taken besides Cantron: many nutritional substances but none that were on your list that were a conflict, apricot seeds, MGN-3, Dr. Schultz’s nutrition mix, etc. etc.

6. Cantron. First diagnosed May, 2000 Glioblastoma Age of the patient 57, Cantron started July 2000 orally for approx. 4 months. No chemo was taken. consistency was A = never forgot. Response was none. Cancer progressed rapidly and Cantron was of no benefit. Patient died February, 2001. Can’t remember dosages, but numerous medications taken to control seizures, swelling (Dylantin,etc.)

7. Cantron. First diagnosed December 1999 Mesathelioma Age of the patient 79. Cantron started February 2000, Orally for 6 months. No chemo was taken, A consistency. Ans: Absolutely no response at all. Cancer is very slow growing and has not progressed to any great degree.

8. Cantron and then Protocel. First diagnosed: April 2000 (2nd occurrence) started as colon cancer. Patient age: 46 Cantron started May 2000 oOrally at first, rectally at times. Switched to Protocel July 2000 till Dec 2000 Time between the end of chemo and starting Cantron? 6 months occasional skipping due to exhaustion. Also took pain medicine – Ibuprofen, Tylenol with codeine. The medicine did not seem to work at all she died Jan 6, 2001

9. Cantron for Cat.  First diagnosed: March 2000, throat cancer, Kitty had 6 mos. to live, 13 years old. Cantron started May 2000, orally, taken for about two months. no chemo; 4 radiation treatments. Consistency A, but we doubled the dosage at nighttime as you suggested so the times were off. Put to sleep on July 3, 2000. Her throat cancer progressed to the point where there was no return. I believe in your product, but the patient has to be willing to live.

10. Protocel.  Diagnosed 3-18-1997 Spinal cord tumor, causing numbness of lower extremities, age 58. Started Protocel 11-1-2000, taken orally. Still taking it as of Sept 01. Consistancy – never forget. No chemo–no operation– they say inoperable. No noticeable help from Protocel. No noticeable change in condition. Also took Pro-Enzymes- 6 caps daily, Pro-Sterinols–3 caps daily, ProGe-132- 3 caps daily. Grapeseed Extract Plus- 50mg–3 caps daily. “Have enough to get me into Nov, which will be 1 yr. Have decided to discontinue when I run out, Gave it 1 yr trial.

Took Correctly Good Results

1. Cantron. Fri, 06 Sep 2002 My cat, Charlie (diagnosed with intestinal cancer), is doing pretty good on the Cantron & Prednisolone. He’s gained almost a pound, and altho the vet gave him approximately 2 months back in April when he was diagnosed, it’s now been about 5 months – 3 more than he predicted. Of course, we’re taking it day by day, but so far so good. I just wanted to share this with you, in case anyone else asks about Cantron – I am beginning to believe that it may really help. I put it in capsules, so it’s easier for him to take, & he gets 4 per day. I realize that 5 months isn’t alot, but at least it’s a good start. Hopefully I’ll email you again in January & let you know that he’s still doing good!

2. Protocel. At 51 years of age MRI on Jan 19 2000 showed gross tumor app 6 cm . Pathology showed Partial lobectomy of the left front lobe of the brain, showing mixed oligodendroglioma-astrocytoma. It was an anaplastic astrocytoma (a nerve-tissue tumor composed of astrocytes), grade 111/1V. On Jan 25/2000 had brain surgery to remove the tumor. Started Protocel orally July 2000 started second bottle Nov 2000. Never forgot a dose. No Kemo or radiation taken to date (Jan 02); the surgeon screwed up and didn’t advise radiation until end of June 2000, cemotherpaist was truthfull and didn’t have experience when a person took radiation that long after surgery. Results of last M.R.I. Jan 17-2002, there was no evidence suggest disease recurrance. Diet change. was (5’10” 186#) now 151# avoid sugar totally. Took Bromelain& Pancreatin and many other supplements (to many to list).

3. Cantron then Protocel. First diagnosed 12/96 when patient was 46, Breast Cancer – Stage 3b. Started Cantron Feb. 2000 switched to Protocel May 2000. Taken orally Very consistent with the dosage (A = never forgot). No chemo. When first on Cantron, was exhausted for about 3 weeks, then felt better, but no reaction. After three months, switched to Protocel. After about 3 weeks noticed a lot of lysing in the urine. No other effect. The tumors in the lymph glands in the neck did not get much smaller, but “It did keep me in remission; blood markers went up initially, then went back to the previous readings. I was very careful to follow the protocol for supplements, stopped vitamins, did take MGN-3 for awhile then stopped taking that just in case it interfered. I took a whole food supplement called Juice Plus (200 mg a day), while taking Cantron.

4. Cantron.  Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer with a 7 centimeter lump, now not visible or even detectable. First diagnosed: Feb 2000 inflammatory breast cancer stage 4. Age of the patient 52, Female. Cancel started orally March 2000. Still taking Cantron as of Nov 01. Chemo was initially also taken. Cantron taken every 4 hours, never missed, dosage. Response of Cantron/Chemo/Radiation treatments makes it difficult to determine what treatment did what, however in my opinion chemo and Radiation are poison that were offset by the Cantron. Other things taken besides Cantron: a number of natural remedies including but not limited to Shark Cartilage, Laetrile B12, and probably 20 to 25 other natural, holistic medicines.

5. Cantron. First diagnosed October 13, 2000 Adenocarcinoma of the Lung Stage III b. Age of the patient 57. Cantron started orally early December 2000. Still taking it as of Oct 01 with A+ consistency (never forget). Chemo was taken “all the way through everything.” Last chemo was 3/01. Given “all clear” by doctor 1 Oct 01. Also took Pancreatin – cannot recall dosage.

6. Protocel. First diagnosed March 7th 1997, recurrance diagnosed October 15th, 1999. Metastatic breast cancer in the liver grade 3, age of the patient 39 in 1999. Protocel was started orally on November 10th, 2000 (7 months after heavy doses of chemo and 3 months after light, maintenance doses of chemo), Protocel taken for 5 months with “A” consistancy (never forgot). Noticed a response within one week. “Tumor markers were my best indicators. April 2000 ultrasound showed all tumors were gone from the liver but the surface of the liver didn’t have even colouration.” August 2000 1st tumor marker @61 indicated increased cancer activity – Ultrasound of the liver showed all the tumors were back – I began hormone therapy Tumor marker increased to 290 in September 2000 (sharp rise was expected) Tumor marker deacreased to 279 in response to new treatment October 2000. Tumor marker decreased to 274 by the end of October 2000. Dull pain radiating from liver beginning in November 2000 prompted me to start protocel. Pain had become debilitating by November 7th or so. Noticed great improvement. Also started pancreatic enzymes As per your instructions I eliminated vitamine C, selenium, co-enzyme Q10 and ozonated water suppy. As per instuctions from the distributor I started germanium capsules. To help the liver along I started on several amino acids and a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Tumor marker had decreased to 199 in January 2001(still taking hormone therapy in conjunction with Protocel. No tests were done until March 2001. Ultrasound of liver showed no remarkable change (tumors still there and too numerous to count) Tumor marker had increased to 1,100 on March 15th. Subsequent tumor marker on March 30th read 1,800. Obviously the Protocel and hormone therapy was no longer working and I ceased to take Protcell. A chemo drug named Capacetabine which is a pill form of 5 flourauracil was given to me and the cancer responded immediately. Within one month my tumor marker was back down to 1,000. My most recent tumor marker dated August 16th, 2001 read 62.2. Considering the change in drugs I began megadoses of the vitamin C I had deprived myself of and selenium and co-enzyme Q10. “My conclusion: the Protocel worked as has everything else I have tried has but cancer has uniquely unstable DNA and subcolonies of treatment resistant cells can form during the course of the illness. I believe that the cells that could respond to the treatment have all died and fresh colonies have taken their place. I would consider Protocel for future treatment if the disease does not subside in a year or two as new cells may form in the future that may respond again to Protocel. I am still enjoying a pain free liver thanks to the Protocel.

7. Protocel. First diagnosed Date 1981 second stage breast cancer in 1997 stage four. Age of the patient 65. Had radiation and chemo in 1997. Protocel started 1998 and taken orally for 3 years. No chemo was taken since taking Protocel. Constancy – would forget about 4 times a week. Since starting Protocel the patient felt much better and resume normal activity.

8. Protocel. Diagnosed 11/27/2000 cancer of the Anus age 58. Started Protocel orally 12/2000, took till May 2001. Consistency: forgot 3 treatments a week. Took Protocel during chemo had almost no side effects; felt good during treatments including radiation. Chemo doc said some patients are cured and some totally. Had 33 radiation treatments with chemo. Radiation doc said this works sometimes. After two week of radiation, doc said tumor has shrunk dramatically. After 30th radiation treatment doc said “amazingly well.” “By my choice I stopped radiation. Doc said there was no clinical evidence that further treatments would be of any help he also said that chemo doc might want me to have more chemo but that it would be a joke.” Cancer free as of May. Never felt sick during my treatments; felt better during treatments than after. Doing good now, have some days that are better than others. Had more energy and felt better overall during treatments. Also took MGN-3 250mg 4 capsules 3 X a day also took pro enzymes pro ellagic proge-123.

9. Cantron. First diagnosed Oct 98 colon cancer stage4. Cantron started orally Feb 99. Taken steady for two years “still taking sometimes.” Taken while doing chemo. very consistent, missed less than 2 dose a week. Response “I’m still alive…so response was very good.” Also took arprocott seeds.

10. Protocel. First diagnosed May 2000 Adrenocortical Carcinoma (adrenal gland cancer) Stage II Age of the patient 25. Protocel started August 2000 orally for 9 months – stopped – started again 2 in June 01. NO CHEMO. Consistency = A (never forgot) No noticeable physical response – however, CT scans and blood work for 11 months following surgery to remove the primary and only tumor showed no evidence of cancer. History: Stage II – May 2000; Underwent surgery at that time to remove the left adrenal gland and tumor – Pathology report indicated tumor vascular invasion and was given a high risk of recurrence (80%). CT scans and blood work showed no evidence of cancer for 11 months. This is when I stopped taking Protocel. Most recent blood work, however, indicates a possible recurrence. Went back on Protocel approximately 2 months ago. Had a CT scan this week (waiting on the results) and scheduled for a PET scan next week. Also took Pancreatic Enzyme – 1400 mg daily

11. Cantro. Father, 56 in 01, first diagnosed 5/19/00 Stage 3b Large Cell Lung Cancer. Cantron started 6/12/00 orally for 6 months. Consistency = A (never forgot). Had one round of chemo with “some Cantron overlap” approximately 3 1/2 months after starting Cantron. Around June, had radiation for a couple of brain tumors that had metastasized. Cancer is in remission. Taken besides Cantron: shark capsules, apricot seeds, 200mg of B17.

12. Cantron  First diagnosed May 23, 2001 Lung Cancer – No biopsy, Stage 1. Age of the patient? 60 Cantron started June 2001 Orally, Still taking (7/01). No chemo taken. consistency = A Last Cat Scan was Nov 2001. At that time there was no new growth and no change in size. I was very ill initially, but I am now feeling much better. Also took Twinlab Mega Bromelain Caps 300 mg and Pancreatin 500 mg; both 3x a day on empty stomach. B-17 100gm 3x a day.

13. Cantron. First diagnosed 1997 patient iin late 50’s. Taken for as long as 1 bottle lasts, no chemo consistency = A. He did very well on it, he improved his health to normal. He was pretty sick, was just down, and no hope till he found Cantron. Didn’t take anything else.

Died Took Near Chemo

1. Cantron. First diagnosed April 5,2001 lung and liver, was also in stomach and throat. Age of the patient 59 Cantron started end of May Orally for about 1-1/2 months two weeks between the end of chemo and starting Cantron He was monitored very closely, and would venture to say he always took his dosage – up until about two weeks before he died. He was put in the hospital, and they kept draining his cavity as it would fill with fluids. He was on interveneous liquids, and he was just too full to take the Cantron.

2. Cantron. First diagnosed Jan 13, 2000 Colon Cancer, spread to liver and lungs liver 40% infected, age 65 Cantron started 3rd week in April 2000 taken orally for 2 weeks, chemo was taken 2 weeks before starting Cantron. He couldn’t go on a full dosage right away; he did get up to 3 times a day. The first day he became very weak, the second day he started to get stronger and each day improved as far as the reaction to the Cantron. He had taken the chemo 2 weeks prior which had weaken him to the point of he just sat in a chair. He took the Cantron for almost 2 weeks. At that time, he checked with his cancer doctor who talked him into going back on chemo. At that time he stopped Cantron. However, the 4th day after stopping the Cantron, he spit up some egg white like substance which I believe was the Cantron beginning to work. Also took besides Cantron, a Naturopath, he took some hydron peroxide IV’s which really gave him energy. 3 Weeks after getting back from Mexico, we returned for the first doseage of chemo(2nd week in March). At this point he was doing real well. Within a week after the chemo, he had lost all his energy and feeling of well being. He passed away June 13th, 2000.

Died After Less than Two Months

1. Protocel. First diagnosed August 1999 RCC, removed kidney. Age of the patient =~74. Protocel started September 2000, orally for 2-3 weeks. No chemo taken. Unknown consistency. Decreased use after 2 weeks. Response None. Patient did not have metastases to the liver at all. An established tumor surrounding the trachea made breathing very difficult, and lungs filled with fluid, probably as a result of the progressions of the disease and prayer for a speedy death. Metastases were limited to the lungs, it seems.

Increasing Your Success Rate

The most effective therapy for increasing your chances of success is to neutralize the emotional causes of cancer*.

Questions Asked for this Survey

The following questions were used to build each case history:

1. When disease was first diagnosed:


Type and stage of disease:

Age of the patient?

2. When was Cancell started?

3. How was Cancell taken (orally, rectally, with patches)?

4. How long was Cancell taken for?

5. What brand of Cancell was taken, Cantron or Protocel?

6. If chemo was taken, how much time was there between the end of chemo and starting Cancell?

7. How consistent was the dosage? (A = never forgot, B = forgot two treatments a week, C = would forget 4 times a week, D = greater than 4) add + or – to indicate how on time you were with dosages.

8. Describe the response and include dates if possible:

9. If possible, include the stage of the disease at different times and now.

10. What other things did the patient take besides Cancell and what was the dosage?


It was my intention to uncover the tumor reduction ability of Cancell. I was not interested in reoccurrence because it is impossible to estimate. If a person is a tumor grower, they will continue to grow tumors after taking a successful treatment if they don’t change their diet and develop a new healthy life style. People who took chemo have much more motivation to do this than someone who took gentile alternative treatments. It is not just the success of the treatment that determines reoccurrence. The determination of the patient to remain cancer free is a significant factor.

For these reasons, I have not preformed follow-up investigations and I am surprised that anyone puts any importance in reoccurrence numbers when they are effected by factors that defy estimation.