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After reading this page, consider reading how conventional treatment selection is right for groups but wrong for an individual. Go to Understanding Treatment Selection*.

Thoughtful gifts for cancer patients: hypnosis CDs, and humor the best medicine.

Every year in the United States, more people die of the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs than die in car accidents and thousands suffer the agony of chemo. Clearly this is not good medicine.

Despite the yearly claims of great new cancer drugs*, the percentage of Americans who die each year from cancer has remained pretty much the same since 1970. This is not progress.

Thoughtful gifts for cancer patients: hypnosis CDs, and humor the best medicine.

 There Is Good Medicine

Did you know that astragalus is a powerful broad-spectrum antiviral agent and it is also anti-cancer? It is safe and effective. I used astragalus to cure myself of chronic fatigue syndrome, but your doctor will never recommend it. Conventional medicine has nothing to combat the vast majority of viruses (they only suppress symptoms), but still doctors will not recommend astragalus because it is plant based. The non-profit Nutra Sanus** web site has lots of astragalus information.

Plant based treatments cannot produce large profits because they cannot be patented. Large profits are needed to pay for the expensive FDA approved clinical trials. So plant based treatments never get FDA approval to treat a disease. Your doctor can only prescribe treatments that are FDA approved. If your doctor prescribes treatments that are not FDA approved, he or she can be sued or lose their license.

The End of Plant-based Medicine

Around the beginning of the last century, Rockefeller (a true robber baron) obtained control over medical school education through the use of the Flexner Report which was written by Henry Pritchett, who was in the secret employ of Rockefeller, after Rockefeller "fired" him. This report rated medical schools and strongly favored only the medical schools that concentrated on using drug-based treatments. These schools started to receive large amounts of money from Rockefeller and Carnegie. In 1905, 160 medical schools were in operation. By 1927, 17 years after the Flexner Report, the number had dropped to 80. Nearly all the schools that taught plant based medicine were gone. From then on, pharmaceutical company control of medical school curriculums was assured by the large amounts of money they would "give" to the schools for approved research. That research of course was approved or disapproved by the pharmaceutical companies. Only research that would lead to treatments that could be patented received approval. That eliminated any treatments derived from plants. You cannot patent a plant or its extract.

Treatment derived from plants are more often safe than dangerous. Treatments that can be patented are more often dangerous and kill more people each year in the USA than car accidents.

Plant Based Cancer Treatments

 This web site contains the following table which compares 12 alternative cancer treatments most of which are plant based (indicated by an * ). Click the table to go to the real table where you can click on the column headings for an expanded explanation of each column.

The Story of the Persecution of Three Alternative Doctors

In 1994 New York alternative healthcare advocates helped pass the Alternative Medical Practice Act designed to help guarantee that people would have access to alternative medical doctors by barring the State of New York from taking away the licenses of Alternative Medical Doctors just because they practiced alternative or non conventional medicine. Despite the passing of this legislation, the Medical Board bureaucrats found a way to avoid the intent of the law. Alternative medical doctors were once again targeted and eliminated from medicine. Here are three examples.

Understanding Treatment Selection

Everyone’s body chemistry is different. The key to surviving cancer is to find the most effective treatments for you. Finding those treatments may sound difficult, but it can be done in a few minutes using the Test Kit.
Conventional Doctors Do Little

During the past ten or twenty years there has been a number of “new treatments” for almost every condition. All of those treatments worked pretty well. But, new treatments are usually just a little better than the old. It would make sense for your doctor to test all the old and new treatments on you to see which one would be the most effective (if he knew a quick test method). However, in most cases, you are automatically given the newest treatment. Prescribing older treatments makes doctors appear to be uninformed.
Finding Your Best Treatments

If a patient believes in a treatment because it worked for a friend, it is reasonable for the patient to take that treatment. Many studies have shown significant, positive effects from believing in a treatment even when the "treatment" was a sugar pill. Taking an additional treatment because the patient’s research showed that it is the best treatment is also reasonable, but neither of these approaches help a patient find the most effective treatment based on his or her body. The Testing aspect of this web site does.

How Many Treatments

It is reasonable to combine two or three treatments, it increases the odds of survival. However, if you take multiple treatments, check for compatibility using either the Compatibility column on the Comparison Table or the Test Kit.

For years medical science has had neurofeedback machines that can produce an effectiveness rating for any treatment. All that is needed is a sample of that treatment. If you use the test kit with these machines, you can determine the most effective treatments from among the 12 most recognized alternative cancer treatments and any others for which you have samples. Conventional treatment selection cannot do anything like this.
To learn more about using neurofeedback, click here.


Most tumors contain a small percentage, approximately 2%, of multiple drug-resistant cells (MDR cells). Chemo is not effective against these cells. After the first round of chemo, if the chemo is effective, all of the cells that are not MDR, are destroyed. Since this accounts for the vast majority of the tumor mass, the tumor will appear to be effectively destroyed. However, the MDR cells remain and start to multiply. Eventually, a new tumor is formed that is entirely MDR. The next time chemo is used, none of the cells will be destroyed because they are all MDR.

For a doctor to recommend chemo a second time when it is clear that the tumor is mostly MDR is a tremendous error. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has nothing that works against MDR cells. The alternative cancer treatment, Paw Paw is the only cancer treatment that has shown effectiveness against MDR cells. But, of course conventional doctors cannot recommend it.

The Current Legislative Situation for Alternatives

There are four areas under discussion:

  • United States
  • California
  • New York State
  • Europe
  • United States

The FDA has set the United States up to lose in a future WTO Trade dispute on the Codex vitamin issue. They've done this in conjunction with the pharmaceutical company controlled National Academy of Science. If they succeed, United States citizens will lose access to high potency vitamins, herbs, and plant based supplements.

To counter this threat to our health freedom support the Alliance for Natural Health** (ANH) lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive*. The United States is likely to follow the EU regulations due to how globalization and harmonization have been structured.

Please forward this widely and encourage people to joined the Mailing List of the International Advocates for Health Freedom** (IAHF) web site for updates concerning our health-care freedom.


Currently, it is a felony for a doctor to recommend any alternative cancer treatment. However, there is a bill SB-583 (Figueroa), that has passed the Senate which would decriminalize alternative treatments for cancer. Soon (Spring/Summer 2006) this 2-year bill will again face the Assembly committees and floor. It is essential that every Californian who wants helath freedom to phone, write, or e-mail his or her local Assembly member to ask them to

Become a CO-SPONSOR of the bill. (At this point Senators may also become co-sponsors)
Insist that it is a reelection issue for them to vote for SB-583 .

When you have done this, please send a copy of your letter or a note about your phone call to:

California Citizens for Health Freedom
8048 Mamie Ave.
Oroville, California 95966

Fax (530) 534-5854

They will use that documentation to the best advantage. They can also use your financial support so a check in any amount in your mail envelope to them would be enlightened.

Visit their web site for more up-to-date information: California Citizens for Health Freedom

Be even more informed, click this link and request that they send you California citizens for Health Freedom updates. Include your zip code in the email.

Not being able to legally access the broadest possible range of effective options for cancer therapy within California means:

1) Only those with greater disposable assets are able to afford to travel out of state to obtain those treatments. This creates a two-tier system of cancer treatment, one for the wealthy and the other for those who are not.

2) Until the treatments are legal there is no possibility of getting them covered by any third-party payer (health insurance).

3) The horrendously toxic effects of chemo and radiation may 'cure' the cancer but often kill the patient.

4) There are cutting-edge therapies that use both novel and older 'alternative' treatments combined with tiny doses of chemo and other advances which are proving highly successful AND preserving of quality of life.

5) Cookie-cutter medicine means mandating the same treatment for each person presenting with x. Each of us is genetically unique and just as with regular medications and herbs, not everyone responds to the same medicine or herb in the same way. The treatments for cancer need to be a wide-ranging arsenal combined and delivered in a prescriptive (unique for each patient) manner in order to achieve the greatest success.

6) The medical schools in California (teaching institutions that supposedly provide the highest caliber interventions to patients) cannot teach or provide any of the newest cancer therapies because they are illegal here.

7) The paternalist law (in the Health & Safety Code) which outlaws alternative treatments for cancer states that it is protecting the vulnerable and desperate cancer patient from quacks. More accurately, the law nullifies the right of citizens to make informed medical decisions about their own lives and the beneficiary is the pharmaceutical industry that is unable to patent, and thereby hugely profit from, the alternative treatments.
New York State

New York Natural and Complementary Practices Project (NYNCPP) is a coalition of New York State consumers seeking to broaden the public's access to complementary and natural practices in New York. They have the latest information on what is happening and how you can help.

In August 2005 the EU Food Supplements Directive (FSD) will ban many supplements including natural vitamins such as mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin E), carotenoids and b-12 methylcobalamin, all forms of sulphur, boron, vanadium, silicon and most trace elements, the most readily absorbed and safest forms of calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium and molybdenum. The FSD will severely limit the doses of vitamins and will remove all high-dose products from the market. It will include future restrictions on nutrients such as fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, phytonutrients, etc. The directive will dramatically limit future innovation in the supplements industry, and seriously impact retail outlets, complementary practitioners and consumers who choose to take responsibility for their own health and let food be their medicine. This is likely to happen in the United States unless we become more aware of our legislation and the Europeans. This has not been the case historically.