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Our bodies are incredible devices. Regardless of the severity of a disease they can usually repair themselves. However, they sometimes need direction or information. Until the advent of this type of energetic balancing, also known as biofeedback, we did not know how to communicate effectively with our bodies. The general goal of this communication is to provide the body with information in the form of energy signatures that the body can use to heal itself. This type of communication is truly a quantum leap in health care.


Testing Alternative Cancer Treatments

Using the same technology, the energy signature of an alternative cancer treatment can be exposed to your body and the response of your body can be measured. In this way, the treatment that invokes the most positive response from your body can be determined.

The Machine

The energy balancing which we perform uses the Quantum LIFE energy balancing machine. Click here to learn about the historical developments behind this type of machine.

Below is a comparison between the Quantum LIFE machine and other energy balancing machines.

More information on the Quantum LIFE energy balancing machine can be obtained at This machine allows two types of connection:
Harness using wrist and ankle straps and a head band. If you live near Palm Springs, CA or Seattle WA, we can have a face to face session using the harness.

Metaspace where you supply a picture and date of birth and the machine locates you. This seems impossible to me, but it has been proven effective time and time again. Perhaps the Indians were right when then refused to have their picture taken because it could capture their soul.

Energy Balancing Sessions (click here to order now)

Regardless of your health challenges, each session has certain similarities. There is an initial calibration phase then an exploration phase and then the biofeedback phase. Sessions require that you remain relaxed for all phases.
Cheri DeShaw Practicioner

Cheri is now performing the these sessions and doing a great job. Cheri was born into a healer family. Her father was an amazing healer and taught Cheri starting from an early age. She now has over 25 years experience as an alternative health practitioner using various energy medicine machines and hands on healing. Her main skills are as a health intuitive, she also incorporates, BioMagnetic Pair Therapy into her practice.

Cost and Refund Policy

With preparation and execution time the initial session takes almost two hours therefore we charge $100. Follow-up sessions run about one hour and cost $75. Considering the cost of a Quantum LIFE machine, $14,000, this is a very low price. Other practitioners charge as much as $250 per session and do not offer a refund.

Refund Policy
If you pay for and receive two sessions and you are not completely satisfied, I will fully refund your money. Although a lot of work is performed during the first session, it is more directed towards general health improvement. The first session prepares the body for the more specific follow-up sessions and therefore, may not produce as noticeable an effect. This is why I require that you have two sessions before refunding your money. Exceptions to this requirement are easily obtained.

It is terrible enough to have lost your health, to feel taken advantage of on top of this loss is something I could not bear to be a part of.


After reading all of the following you will be asked to click a button that acknowledges that you have read and understand the following information regarding the Quantum LIFE equipment (hereafter referred to as “the machine”) and the process the machine performs. You will then be transferred to the final ordering page where you can order using a credit card. After ordering the initial session, you must e-mail by copy and paste my email address and sending me the following;

  • The location and date of your birth, if you know the time of your birth this is also useful.
  • Your telephone number.
  • A photograph of yourself less than one year old that clearly shows the eyes. If you cannot email a picture, use the address on the final ordering page to mail a picture. If you need to take a picture, use these suggestions:
  • Outside
  • In the shade or when a cloud is in front of the sun or overcast
  • With no flash
  • A dark background behind the photographer (this prevents any reflection in the eyes and allows them to open fully)
  • Such flat light is not only flattering fills in winkles but really helps details such as the eyes.
Machine Operation

During the testing phase, the machine measures the stress response of your body to frequency signatures produced by the machine. These energy signatures are identical to those of allergens, healthy organs, and disease conditions. When your body responds with high stress to one of these signatures, it can be deduced that the signature represents a problem for your body.

During the balancing portion of a session, the machine sends your body frequency signatures that correspond to the correct response or function of your body for each problem detected during testing. The body takes this energetic frequency as information which it can use to correct the problem. For example, a kidney that is not functioning correctly has a different energy signature from a healthy kidney. When the machine sends the energy signature of a health kidney, our bodies recognize that that is the correct way for the kidney to vibrate. The kidney can then change its vibration to match this more healthy vibration. The machine does not perform any treatment, it simply gives the body information in a form it can understand. The body can then make the change, if it so chooses. In this way, the body is performing the healing, the machine is merely supplying information.
After a Session
To accelerate healing, after your energy balancing session, drink a lot of water and avoid watching TV for a few days. TV has a way of interfering with the healing mind set.

Side Effects

The machine can do no real harm even if you received balancing for many hours, but there can be the mild side effects explained below.

Sleeping Less
Some people experience so much extra energy after a session that they only sleep a short time. If this happens, you have most likely received enough rest and you should get up and be as active as you like, but try and sleep again for a couple of hours before your usual waking time. For example, if you normally sleep between 11 PM and 6 AM, but woke up at 1 AM and feel that you cannot fall back asleep, get up and be active until 4 AM then try and sleep again by reading in bed until you nod off. This sleep interruption usually only happens the first night.
Toxic Release
One of the ways that the body can use the information that the machine provides is to release toxins that have been stored in various parts of the body. This can result in side effects such as headache or nausea.
Avoiding Side Effects
To avoid the side effects of toxic release, I hereby agree to gradually drink at least three quarts of water every 24 hours for the next 48 hours.
Contacting the Practitioner

I hereby agree to immediately contact the practitioner in the event of any side effects that seem to be connected to the use of the machine.

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