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Treatment Selection/Testing


After exploring one of the following links, see what else relates to your situation.

  • You have already selected a cancer treatment and want to select another in order to increase your odds of success.
  • You want to remove the main cause for alternative cancer treatment failure, Emotions*.
  • You are using conventional treatments and want to reduce the side effects of chemo and prevent metastases.
  • You want the easiest method to remove and keep cancer away.

If you are already interested in a particular alternative cancer treatment, keep reading to understand the pros and cons of the treatment selection method you used. You may decide that you want to select additional treatments using different selection methods to increase your odds of success and support the "cocktail" approach to preventing drug-resistance.

 Consider these facts about alternative cancer treatments:

  • There are many viable alternative cancer treatments.
  • Your cancer type does not help much in treatment selection.
  • Most alternative cancer treatments only work on the minority of the people who try it.
  • This web site supports the use of multiple treatments by:
  • Maintaining extensive conflict information.
  • Comparing different treatment selection methods in the "Treatment Selection Methods" section below.
  • Offering a free tracking file for download to help you determine if a new treatment is really having an effect.You will need to download this once you follow the link. 



Treatment Selection Methods

 Most people visiting this web site have some idea of how to select medicine. For most health problems, they can make good treatment selections, but alternative cancer treatments are different from other medicines:

There are dozens of alternative cancer treatments.

Most treatments only work on a minority of patients that try it. In other words there isn't a "best" treatment for a certain type or stage of cancer.

Therefore, people take multiple treatments to increase their odds. But, to really assure your success, consider using each of these different methods to select multiple treatments:

  • Energy Medicine - Many conventional doctors are now adding Energy medicine in different forms to their arsenal. It provides a method to find the best treatment for a person based on that person's unique body chemistry.
  • Worked for a Friend - This is not a bad idea if you have come to strongly believe in the treatment. Belief is strong medicine. However, when an alternative cancer treatment works for a friend we are usually surprised and think that our friend really found something special. This is not correct. They just found the treatment that worked for them.
  • Information - Comparing the available information of different alternative cancer treatments can also boost belief in your selection. However, it is difficult to compare treatments because information is presented differently about each treatment on their web site. For that reason the Comparison table on the Compare Treatments page was developed.