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Treatment Selection/Testing


After exploring one of the following links, see what else relates to your situation.

  • You have already selected a cancer treatment and want to select another in order to increase your odds of success.
  • You want to remove the main cause for alternative cancer treatment failure, Emotions*.
  • You are using conventional treatments and want to reduce the side effects of chemo and prevent metastases.
  • You want the easiest method to remove and keep cancer away.

 Consider these facts about alternative cancer treatments:

  • There are many viable alternative cancer treatments.
  • Your cancer type does not help much in treatment selection.
  • Most alternative cancer treatments only work on the minority of the people who try it.
  • This web site supports the use of multiple treatments by:
  • Maintaining extensive conflict information.
  • Comparing different treatment selection methods in the "Treatment Selection Methods" section below.
  • Offering a free tracking file for download to help you determine if a new treatment is really having an effect.You will need to download this once you follow the link. 


Treatment Selection Methods

 Most people visiting this web site have some idea of how to select medicine. For most health problems, they can make good treatment selections, but alternative cancer treatments are different from other medicines:

There are dozens of alternative cancer treatments.

Most treatments only work on a minority of patients that try it. In other words there isn't a "best" treatment for a certain type or stage of cancer.

Therefore, people take multiple treatments to increase their odds. But, to really assure your success, consider using each of these different methods to select multiple treatments:


Reducing Chemo Side Effects

There are four methods to reduce the side effects of chemo:

  • Supplements – oncologists often instruct patients to discontinue all supplements when taking chemo.  This is most unfortunately because some supplements such as Cantron, Ellagic Acid, and mushrooms formulas effectively reduce the side effects of chemo. This would allow a patient to take a higher dose of chemo. Most oncologists know, that the more chemo you can withstand, the better chance chemo has of completely breaking up the tumor mass. Unfortunately, not all cancer cells thus broken up are dead which is why you need to inhibit metastases while taking chemo.
  • Therapies that help a person to keep a positive outlook while taking chemo are essential as is removing emotional blocks to healing. Ignoring the spirit and emotions is a major reason treatments fail.
  • Fasting – in theory fasting for two days before taking chemo may protect healthy cells from the side effects of chemo.  It is only in the animal test stages, but the testing so far is encouraging. Read the related Science Daily article**.
  • Diet - we are what we eat drink and think, I suggest a plant based diet, either Vegetarian or Vegan. 

It seems clear that a comprehensive plan needs to be developed for each individual who wants to reduce side effects while taking chemo. The easiest and most effective way to develop such a plan is to have a phone consultation*. 


Vitamin C Therapy

Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist, investigated the possibility of using vitamin C for cancer. One hundred terminal cancer patients were given 10 grams of vitamin C daily (2.5 grams four times per day). They lived an average of 210 days, compared with hospital records of 1,000 “matched controls” (similar patients) who averaged only 50 days. A follow-up showed an even wider gap between the vitamin C and control groups.

Ten grams of vitamin C a day is a tremendous amount. Due to the acid nature of vitamin C, such a large amount is likely to produce digestion distress unless a buffered type of vitamin C such as Ester-C is used.

Vitamin C is believed to reduce the effectiveness of:

  • Cantron
  • Protocel
  • Paw Paw
  • Graviola including the Ellagic Insurance Formula from Greenwood Health which contains Graviola.

Natural or Synthetic Vitamin C
If you are even slightly interested in taking natural vitamin C, Camu Camu is worthy of consideration. It contains powerful phytochemicals with health benefits, including the amino acids serine, valine, and leucine, and more Vitamin C than any other known plant in the world. Camu Camu has a surprising range of therapeutic effects. People have found that Camu-Camu is energizing, mood-lifting and highly effective in strengthening the immune system. These benefits are in themselves a significant testament to the benefits of taking a natural form of Vitamin C. Camu Camu is easily found on the Internet and is not expensive.

A Better Vitamin C

Is different for each patient.If you decide to use vitamin C as your main therapy, there are aspects of your recovery that you need to know about in order to obtain a comprehensive approach and assure your success. Such an approach:

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C* is able to produce serum levels of Vitamin C nearly double those thought theoretically possible with any oral form of Vitamin C.

If you decide to use vitamin C as your main therapy, there are aspects of your recovery that you need to know about in order to obtain a comprehensive approach and assure your success. Such an approach:

    • Is different for each patient.
    • Needs clear documentation tailored to the patient.
    • Requires the guidance of a knowledgeable person.


  • Energy Medicine* - Many conventional doctors are now adding Energy medicine in different forms to their arsenal. It provides a method to find the best treatment for a person based on that person's unique body chemistry.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  Depending on where you live, there are many places you can go and get this treatment.

  • Germanium 132* to deliver extra oxygen to cells. Popular with Cantron and Protocel users. 

  • Ozone* conflicts with Cantron, Graviola, Paw Paw and Protocel.

  • Pancreatic enzymes* (Megazyme Forte or Wobenzym) needed by all cancer patients, no conflicts.

Other Things to Consider:
  1. Worked for a Friend - This is not a bad idea if you have come to strongly believe in the treatment. Belief is strong medicine. However, when an alternative cancer treatment works for a friend we are usually surprised and think that our friend really found something special. This is not correct. They just found the treatment that worked for them.
  2. Information - Comparing the available information of different alternative cancer treatments can also boost belief in your selection. However, it is difficult to compare treatments because information is presented differently about each treatment on their web site. For that reason the Comparison table on the Compare Treatments page was developed.

If you are actively researching conventional and alternative cancer treatments, you will often run into the five-year survival statistic. Like many statistics, the five-year survival statistic can be misleading. If you have the genes, diet, and lifestyle (stress, anger…) that has caused you to grow tumors, removing the tumors will not prevent you from growing more tumors. To stop growing tumors most people find that they must change their diet and lifestyle.
A person who took chemo and suffered the usual debilitating side effects has extremely high motivation to change his or her diet and lifestyle. A person who took a side-effect-free alternative cancer treatment may not feel as strongly motivated and may not make the changes needed to prevent reoccurrence. Therefore, how long a person remains tumor free after taking a cancer treatment is not an accurate measure of the effectiveness of the treatment. It is more likely a measure of how well that person changed their lifestyle.

Why Treatments Often Fail
Cancer is called the emotional disease. Emotions are part of the cause in about 80% of all cancers. I have seen this over and over: The mother of a woman passes away and one year later that woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. You may have seen this yourself. However, it is not grief that causes cancer; it is anger. The anger comes from the frustration and helplessness that such losses cause.

If the cause of any disease is not addressed, alternative treatment success is greatly reduced. Conventional treatments may actually have a better chance of working in this case because or their brutal never-mind-the-body nature and the fact that conventional treatments go after the symptoms not the cause of the cancer. So conventional doctors can fail to address the emotional cause but still succeed in curing the patient. Oncologists are not psychologists so they do not even think to get involved with the sticky traumas of their patients. Even if they do recognize this connection, they usually do not know how or what to do.

Up until recently, removing the emotional cause of a disease took months and a lot of money paid to a psychologist. But, that has all changed. You can now watch a DVD and in five minutes learn how to effectively treat an emotional issue and test the success of that treatment. This is probably the health breakthrough of the century. To learn more, go to the Tapping DVD* page. You can always use you Back button to get back to here even after you order the DVD