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Cesium is a naturally occurring alkali metal, a chemical compound with the formula CsCl. It is nature's most alkaline mineral. Cesium chloride is a salt form of cesium.


By the late 1970's mass spectrographic and isotope studies had shown that tumor cells exhibit a preference for the uptake of certain alkaline minerals; Potassium, Rubidium, and especially Cesium. Further, specific antioxidants i.e. vitamin C, and Zinc were shown to enhance the uptake of these alkaline minerals by the cancer cell. A normal cell is surrounded by a membrane, which selectively allows materials to flow in and out. Oxygen and nutrients, such as glucose, flow in and the waste products of cellular chemistry flow out. When environmental toxins (carcinogens) overwhelm the immune system the entire program is compromised. The cell membrane is affected first, losing its ability to exchange oxygen (respiration); the cell then reverts to a primitive survival mechanism - fermentation. The newly formed (anaerobic) cancer cell cannot be repaired (fermentation is not reversible) the cell is now out of control and must be destroyed as rapidly as possible.
First Documented Use

In 1984, Keith Brewer, PhD (Physics) and H. E. Satori treated 30 patients with various forms of cancer, using cesium chloride. All 30 patients survived.


Cesium, a naturally occurring alkaline element has been shown to change the cancer cell in two ways:

Cesium limits the cellular uptake of glucose, which starves the cancer cell and reduces fermentation.
It raises the cell pH to approximately 8.0. This neutralizes the weak lactic acid and stops pain within 12 to 24 hours. A pH range of 8.0 is a deadly environment for the cancer cell, which dies within a few days and is absorbed and eliminated by the body.

Some bodies are not able to increase the pH of their cells more than a couple of tens. This is often due to the body trying to remain acidic in order to extract calcium from food. Many people are calcium deficient. It can be very difficult for the body to assimilate calcium because a large collection of minerals must be taken at the same time. There is only one calcium formula that seems to have the right combination. Email Paul Winter for the ordering information for this inexpensive calcium source. Paul Winter does not manufacture this formula, but he is interested in tracking the results of using it.

A Different Theory

Another theory regarding the operation of cesium chloride is that it selectively targets tumor cells because many or most types are anaerobic. Anaerobic cells need many times more glucose than normal cells. In order to get more glucose into the cancer cells, the sodium-potassium (Na-K) pumps on the cell wall must run 20 times faster, pumping more sodium out and more potassium in. Cesium acts like potassium so the Na-K pump brings lots of it into the cells. However once in the cell, cesium cannot get out, because it blocks the potassium channels through which potassium usually leaves. Cesium buildup then kills the cell by uncertain mechanisms. From "Proposed Common Cause and Cure for All Forms of Cancer**" by David Gregg Ph.D.


There is no information that suggests that Cesium chloride is less effective on one type of cancer than another.
A Fifty patient Study with Cesium Chloride Plus Other Supplements

Cesium chloride treatment combined with other alternative treatments was performed on 50 patients at Life Science Universal Medical Center Clinics in Rockville, MD and in Washington, DC. From April 1981 to February 1984, 50 cancer patients were treated with Cesium chloride and given a special diet. All of the patients were terminal with generalized metastatic disease. 47 of the 50 patients had received maximum surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy before the metabolic regime was started. 3 patients were comatose. 14 patients were unresponsive from previous treatment attempts and their cancer complications.

The diet during treatment consisted mainly of whole grains, vegetables, linoleic acid rich oils (linseed, walnut, soy, wheat germ) and other supplemental food. According to individual cases Cesium chloride was given at daily dosages of 6 to 9 g (this is now considered unnecessarily high). in three equally divided doses. Also given to all the patients:

Vitamin A-emulsion (100,000 to 300,000 U)
Vitamin C (4 to 30g)
Zinc (80 to 100 mg)
Chelating agent EDTA
Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)
Selenium (600 to 1,200 mcg)
Laetrile (1500 mg)
Vitamin K
Mg salts
Other supplements according to specific patient needs .

As you can see, all these additonal treatments and supplements could have had just as much effect as the Cesium chloride making this study less than conclusive. Vitamin A and C are significant cancer treatments. However, it should be pointed out that 1500 mg of Laetrile is very little, the recommend theraputic does is 6,000 mg (intravenous).

Each patient showed a reduction in the tumor mass even after only forty-eight hours. Of the 17 comatose and moribund patients, 12 died from complications of their cancers but especially the consequences of chemotherapy and radiation. One comatose breast cancer patient recovered so rapidly that after five days she attempted to leave her bed. When stepping out of her bed, she feel and broke a cervical vertebra which led to her demise within another eight days (a metastasis had destroyed her femur and caused her fall).

Of a series of the first 50 patients with a variety of terminal cancers, as of July 1, 1984 the survival time of the 25 survivors, all of them expected to die not later than 2 weeks to 3 months after the treatment was started, is it at least 8 months and up to 3 years and 3 months. One of the most striking effects of the treatment was the disappearance of pain in all patients within one to three days after initiating Cs-therapy. The results demonstrate the rate of effectiveness of CsCl in cancer therapy.


Besides the 50 patient study at Life Science Universal Medical Center described in the Effectiveness" section above, the following is a summary of "The high pH therapy for cancer tests on mice and humans." pHARMACOL BIOCHEM BEHAV 21: Suppl. 1, 1-5. 1984, by A. K. Brewer, was found:

Mass spectrographic and isotope studies have shown that potassium, rubidium, and especially cesium are most efficiently taken up by cancer cells. This uptake was enhanced by Vitamins A and C as well as salts of zinc and selenium. The quantity of cesium taken up was sufficient to raise the cell to the 8 pH range. Where cell mitosis ceases and the life of the cell is short. Tests on mice fed cesium and rubidium showed marked shrinkage in the tumor masses within 2 weeks. In addition, the mice showed none of the side effects of cancer.

Quantity of Papers

There do not seem to be any peer reviewed articles written about cesium chloride.

Conclusiveness of Papers

The non-peer reviewed articles make a strong case for the effectiveness of cesium chloride. However, when studies are not critically reviewed, they can be critically flawed.

Standalone Ability

Cesium chloride gets a low rating for standalone ability because it must be taken with potassium. Also, studies that used cesium chloride combined it with other supplements, see the "Effectiveness" section. Potassium depletion is not a serious problem because it is easy to replace potassium. Actually, most cesium chloride supplements contain large amounts of potassium.

Dosage and Ease of Use

Cesium chloride supplements are available in pill form in a wide range of doses.

Cesium chloride and a high pH diet causes potassium depletion. Therefore, it becomes necessary to supplemented with potassium. Most potassium supplements supply 100 mg of potassium. One banana supplies 500 mg of potassium.

Proponents of cesium chloride suggest a dosage of 1-6 g/day. Most patients take 3 g a day always with food. here is the schedule that Neal Deoul** used:

Cesium chloride (1 gram)
Vitamin C (1000 milligrams)
Zinc (25 - 30 milligrams)
One potassium capsule as prescribed by a physician

Vitamin C (1000 milligrams)

Cesium chloride (1 gram)
Vitamin C (1000 milligrams)

Before bed after eating 2 slices of bread:
Cesium chloride (1 gram)
Vitamin C (1000 milligrams

The minimal dosage for curative action has not been determined. It has been observed by several physicians that the administration of .5 g per day of CsCL will actually enhance the rate of tumor growth. This is to be expected, since this low amount is sufficient only to raise the cell pH into the high mitosis range. The data so far reveal that any quantity of 3.0 g or above will be effective.

People who change their eating habits greatly increase the effectiveness of the supplements they take. Consider reading the "General Diet*" subsection of the Home page.

PH Not Rising Enough - the Calcium Connection
Some people are not able to increase their pH more than a couple of tens. This is often due to the body trying to remain acidic in order to extract calcium from food. Many people are calcium deficient. It can be very difficult for the body to assimilate calcium because a large collection of minerals must be taken at the same time. There is only one calcium formula that seems to have the right combination.

Side Effects

In a small number of people, Cesium Chloride has been linked with ventricular tachycardia, a rapid and irregular heartbeat that can lead to sudden cardiac death.

A side effect which occurs in some cases, especially those who have had stomach ulcers, is nausea. This side effect occurs far less often with the 3.0 g per day dose than for 6.0 g dose which is recommended by some of the more aggressive therapists.

Cesium chloride and a high pH diet causes potassium depletion. Therefore, it becomes necessary to supplemented with potassium. Most potassium supplements supply 100 mg of potassium. One banana supplies 500 mg of potassium. Essense-of-life offers a liquid containing cesium chloride with potassium in a ballanced formular. Cesium chloride stays in the body for a couple of months after discinuation of use. For that reason a person should contiune postassium supplementation for a couple of months after discintuation of cesium chloride. Essense-of-life (see the "Ordering" section) includes comprenseive instructions along these lines with each order of cesium chloride.

From the ACS

Cesium chloride is not considered toxic. However, the acute and chronic toxicity of this substance is not fully known. Consuming large amounts of cesium could result in nausea and diarrhea. Based on results of animal studies, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid taking cesium chloride supplements.


There is no known conflict between cesium chloride and other medications or supplements. However, there are no known studies to determine compatibility.
Year Available

Cesium chloride had been available as a chemical since the dawn of time. The use of cesium chloride for high pH therapy was first advanced in the 1980s.

Cost per Month

Cesium chloride costs $90 for a one month supply if taking 3 grams per day.

Testimonials and Belief

Testimonials can be a very powerful tool to help in the healing process because they can boost your belief in a treatment. However, reading testimonies is a poor method of making a treatment selection. An alternative cancer treatment with only a 5% success rate can still obtain many genuine and impressive testimonials. A selected group of positive testimonials cannot compare to a study were all of the case histories are presented, the failures as well as the successes. Only then can you have a significant impression of effectiveness.

Since you are about to leave this web site, make sure that you have the most important information:


There are many valid alternative cancer treatments that conventional doctors cannot prescribe.
Each treatment only works on a minority of patients that try it.
The best treatment for a patient depends more on body chemistry than the type or stage of cancer.
Just because a treatment worked on someone else does not mean it will work for you.

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