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1. Cook using only stainless steel, corning or enamel-ware glass. Never use aluminum.

2. Using drinking water liberally, preferably well or spring water. Water Filters, Magnetized, Imprinted are the best sources. Remember your skin is the largest organ in our body and absorbs toxins when we bathe or shower. So try to eliminate the toxic particles, externally as well as ingested. 

3. Blendtex High Speed Blenders are great for juicing and making healthy smoothies, also for soups.

4. Compost your vegetable scraps, compost your scraps for making organic soil.

5. Grow your own produce, Tower Gardens available here. I have used this year round for over a year.

6. Watch for too much salt in foods and use either Natural Sea Salt or Natural Salt Products.

7. Grow Sprouts whenever possible along with other greens.

8. Use a variety of herbs and spices in cooking- thyme, rosemary, sage, nutmeg, cinnamon, garlic to name a few. These for variety in taste and stimulating the appetite and the gastric juices. 

9. Hint: the use of apple cider vinegar aids in maintaining good gastric acidity.

10.Raw Honey is great for many different uses in cooking and sweetening. Try to buy local, because it has the nutrients that our bodies need from the regions we are living in. 

12.Don't forget the importance of taking enzymes and supplements, minimizing stress, having positive thoughts and feelings, rest during day and sound sleep, exercise and natural full spectrum light. Check the store for a list of nutrients available. Juice Plus total natural nutrients and vitamins. Highly recommend these products. Along with Natures Sunshine Products and Essential oils. When you body requires additional support for any type of disorder. Check  out Muscle Testing.


 Preventative Diet Nutrition Rules to Follow:


1. Eat as many natural foods and eat them raw, whenever possible. Wash them first.

2. Eat only natural foods that can spoil and eat them before they do. Compose the skins.

3. Eat Organically grown or home grown fruits and vegetables, whenever possible. 

4. Check the Store for Composters and Tower Gardens for growing your own.

5. Try to have 30% of your Calories are PROTEINS, 20% Fats and 50% unrefined Carbs.

6. Use Organic, Grassfed, Free Range, Meats, Fish, Seafood, Poultry, Beef or Lamb. 

7. Eat Fertile Eggs, Free Range are the best and high in Omegas.

8. Eat Kernels of fruit, Sprout your Seeds and use daily.

9. Whenever possible eat fresh fruit in season and freeze or can in natural juices, no sugar. 

10. Eat Whole Grains, buy a flour mill and make your own flour for bread, avoid the GMO Grains.

11. Try to find raw grass feed dairy butter or non processed coconut butter for shortenings for baking. 

12. Use extra virgin olive oil, raw GF dairy butter for sauteing. Use Flax oil, olive oil or hemp oil for salads. 

13. Eat only fresh, non-rancid foods. There is a difference between rancid and fermented. 

14. Drink either distilled water (no minerals) Spring water, Ionized, magnitized, special filtered waters.

15. Use a Juicer for juices, drink unsweetened juices.


1.  Avoid Highly processed foods, such as, sugar, white bread, cookies, crackers, TV dinners, boxed cereals, most anything white that has been processed.

2.  Avoid anything with ASPARTAME, you find this in most diet soda and now regular soda, ten to one hundred times sweeter than sugar, very addictive.

3.  Avoid foods containing chemical preservatives, dyes, artificial colors, and most of all anything that has been genetically modified (GMO). 

4.  Avoid eating commercial meat that has stilbestrol (DES), antibiotics or other chemicals, or from animals that have been inhumanely raised.

5.  Any fruit, flower, grain or vegetable that has been, sprayed, fumigated, dyed, waxed or irradiated and again anything that is not from organic seeds. 

6.  Avoid any processed canned fruits or vegetables, they are over sweetened and usually over cooked, all nutrients reduced or eliminated from process.

7.  Avoid Eggs and Egg products that have been produced by hens that have been in small cages, force fattened, and treated with chemicals or antibiotics.

8.  Avoid margarine, hydrogenated shortenings, heat treated oils with preservatives. These are foreign to our bodies and create many different side effects.

9.  Avoid Fried Foods-deep fat frying as fatty acids break down at high temperatures.

10.Avoid rancid seeds, nuts, grains and foods cooked in rancid fats, as they contain carcinogens.

11.Avoid Process Dairy products that are processed milk, cheese, cottage cheese, such as pasteurized, homogenized, dried or canned with sweeteners.

12.Avoid Any Soft Drinks, with or without sugar, or Aspartame. Avoid stimulating drinks which exhaust the adrenals and pancreas.

13.Avoid Commercial Tea or Coffee. Do not drink dark roasted as it has more carcinogens. Distilled water, unless you replace the minerals that are depleted.

14.Avoid  Distilled liquor, wine as this process separates the alcohol from the minerals, vitamins, antibiotics and other therapeutic agents. 

15.Avoid Junk foods on the run, check the label before you buy and consider all the side effects. 


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