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Protection Pendants have been around for years, but they were very expensive.

Finally someone:  Universal Balance has produced a reasonably priced pendant. 

Protection pendants increase cellular energy and therefore they may increase ATP energy. This poses a potential conflict with the following alternative cancer treatments: Cantron, Paw Paw   and Protocel.

Watch this video for a demonstration of how a Universal Balance protection pendant (also known as a cell phone protection pendant) will increase your strength and balance.

I have searched for years for a good protection device and Universal Balance pendant is the best by far. Not only is it a protector, it also contains healing frequencies. It increases your strength, balance, vibration and voltage. Those of you who know how to muscle test can test its ability to neutralize the weakening effect of cell phones and other transmitting devices. I am proud to be a distributor and can pass on a 10% discount to you. Its protection and healing effects do not diminish with time.



Welcome, seekers of frequency products; we are glad you found us. You see, here at QuantumUB (where the UB stands for Universal Balance) we strive to bring you information and products aimed at increasing your frequency — to help you heal and keep going higher into Consciousness.

The use of objects meant to raise consciousness goes back to the beginning of mankind’s appearance on the earth. It seems that in the deepest part of humans there resides the need to control and create. While we may view some of the early attempts at controlling life as laughable and ritualistic, there are numerous accounts of ‘magic’ and miracles that would point out the possibility there just might be something to investigate.

The use of stones — for something other than their inherent beauty — goes back to the beginning of mankind also. While we might laugh at the idea of Og’s first presentation of a pretty shiny stone to Uma, and her imagined wide-eyed gaze of appreciation, what might have happened if the rock also caused a tingly feeling whenever it was rubbed? Then, when two such stones are struck together and the flash of light is revealed, what might our ancestors have thought was happening?

With a pretty yellow stone (uranium) some strange things happened: energy was felt and sickness or health ensued. There is historical evidence from the beginning of the last century that the Native Americans found healing properties in uranium pits. The settlers soon jumped into the pits to cure chronic diseases such as arthritis and cancers. Alas, too much of a good thing killed quite a few of the experimenters.

Thanks to marketing, diamonds have become a huge industry as the modern day Og still seeks to woo his Uma with a pretty stone. The New Age movement has generated millions of people who use stones for their various ‘magic’ properties, from healing to psychic development. Some famous stones are thought to be cursed and have been relegated to museums because of such beliefs (and anecdotal evidence).

Thanks to science, we now have ways to measure the various energetic frequencies of individual stones. Even better, we now have the means to actually change those frequencies … to produce a desired effect that is consistent and permanent. Science has been able to delineate several frequencies that are known to be healing to organic life-forms (us). Science has also provided us with the means to measure the changes within ourselves and other organic life-forms.

Finally, we have the ability to consistently reproduce the effect we desire. The reproducibility fits nicely in the world of scientific investigation and provides our mental processes with something solid to rest upon. Ahhhhh … Science!

Enter the stone, shaped into a form known as Sacred Geometry, infused with an energetic frequency of the Sun, that causes reproducible, measurable results. A stone, not only nice to look at but also comfortable to wear, causes the wearer to feel stronger and more balanced.

Impossible? Nope, it is not only possible, it is also cutting-edge science, made possible by the advances in the field of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

The wearing of such a modern day wonder entails much more than it just being a pretty stone. In this age of imbalance and general chaos, this special process assists us in numerous ways. Besides core strength, the stone brings improved immunity and good health, increased endurance and faster recovery times, and improved psychic abilities (to name but a few). The wonders of the frequency-infused stone are just starting to be discovered. Where we go from here is bound to be even more fascinating and useful.

Quick Overview

Universal Balance stone frequency can have a profound energetic effect on your body’s electrical energy field. When you wear a Universal Balance pendant you will experience dramatic changes in your energy field.

Universal Balance jewelry facilitates the body’s ability to move into Harmony and Balance as well as raise the body’s vibrations and voltage. The stone pendants allow you to tap into the zero point energy field.

These stone pieces are hand-crafted in Sedona, Arizona. When you wear one as beautiful jewelry, you also benefit from their ability to act as a powerful and unique wellness tool. Those wearing the pendant, within their energy field, have reported a feeling of well-being and a sense of peace. People have also commented on an enhancement to their inner energy and being more balanced emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. We are more than just a physical body and people are wanting to empower themselves to be more proactive in alternative ways.

We make no medical claims for this product. Everyone who wears the stone pendants experiences the technology differently. This is based on their body and level of awareness. “Every body is different.” Order today and start experiencing it for yourself.

Choose Universal Balance jewelry — designed to enhance and increase your body’s electrical field and improve your state of mind, balance, and health.

So What is Frequency?

We talk a lot about ‘frequency’ but do you know what that really means? Basically we are talking about energy. Specifically, the energy state, or level of an object.

Per, frequency is defined as:


The number of periods or regularly occurring events of any given kind in unit of time, usually in one second.
The number of cycles or completed alternations per unit time of a wave or oscillation

What’s all this Zero-Point stuff about?

Let’s talk about Zero-Point frequencies for a minute. Zero-Point is the big buzzword out there, but do you understand what that really means? Zero-Point, technically, means the movement that exists at the temperature of absolute zero. It is also listed as “the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have and is the energy of the ground state.” The quantum mechanical system that encapsulates this energy is the Zero-Point field.

For our purposes, Zero-Point tends to mean that pristine state which contains all of the Frequencies of Life, or the Void of All Possibilities. The Zero-Point field effect on living organisms is that of restoring balance and equilibrium and homeostasis. It helps restore our vitality. Coupled with intention, the Zero-point field can actually provide ‘miracles’ of some sort. Basically, what we want is to be in a field that contains all of the frequencies (measured in Hertz) that are balancing to the living organism seeking to have them.

The most noticeable effect of being in a zero-point energy field is that of feeling really, really relaxed … melting off the sofa sort of relaxed. It becomes easier to breathe, pain vanishes, and higher Consciousness connections are increased. Some pretty interesting things happen in a zero-point field.

As you might imagine, there are hundreds of frequencies that are healing and balancing to a human body. Georges Lakhovsky (inventor of the Multiple-Wave Oscillator) set his machines to radiate the 400-1200 Hz range, as a medical treatment. Denied by mainstream medicine, the MWO was labeled a ‘medical curiosity’. How strange then, that the last 20 years has seen a resurgence of ‘frequency medicine’. Some have finally started to wake up and hear the frequencies. The actual frequency used, like in Rife, bio-feedback, and other machines, is what causes change for the better. It’s the radiation of that frequency that delivers it to the organism.

Quantum Physics & the Zero-point Field

We talk a lot about Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Frequencies, and Energy … but how well do we really understand that? Unless you are a physicist, all of those subjects are only peripherally understood — if at all. For those of us whose education lies in other directions, we just get a feeling for how those things work in our lives but we can’t really explain it. Well … I’m going to attempt to give you MY explanation for some of the terms we use when discussing our frequency-infused products.

First of all, let’s take Maxwell’s discovery that light is a wave and that the waves contained in a light signal are electric AND magnetic fields. Maxwell measured the electrostatic forces (of attraction) between charges and the magnetic forces between currents, which led to being able to predict the speed of light. Maxwell and Boltzmann worked on determining the properties of gases, resulting in Boltzmann’s determination that all modes of vibration (oscillation within the atoms) contain the same energy at the same temperature … the Equipartition of Energy. This had some glaring exceptions, which Planck took care of neatly by coming up with the equation that explained the Black Body Radiation Spectrum.

In Planck’s equations, he determined that the frequency of the oscillation determines the amount of energy in one quantum; this is now known as Planck’s Constant. Planck’s Constant, created to explain the Black Body Radiation Curve, explains the change of color in radiated light as temperature increases.

Electrons are discharged when light hits certain metals. This is called the Photoelectric Effect and gives us our artificial light. Lenard discovered that the energy emitted by photoelectrons varied with the intensity of the light. He also determined that a minimum voltage applied to stop electrons from crossing a barrier did NOT depend on intensity of light. The minimum light frequency for a given metal had to be reached or the intensity of the light would have no effect.

Why is all this background important? Because it leads up to the Double Slit experiment, where photons (light) behave as particles, not waves. The basic experiment is that a series of photons are sent through a screen containing two slits. It is expected that two stripes of photons will end up on the target screen. What blew the minds of the scientists was the discovery that the photons somehow know about the two slits and decide to go through both of the slits at the same time. That’s ONE photon, going through BOTH slits … at the same time. And yet, the photon is actually on ONE definite path … until we detect it.

All this led to scientists realizing that the observer has an effect on the outcome of an experiment. In fact, we cannot conduct a truly unbiased experiment, ever. The simple act of observing the experiment messes with the outcome. Now, back to our friendly little photons…it is theorized that ‘miracles’ performed by healers, sorcerers, magi, etc, are actually the result of directing the photons present by the focused intention of the person. The Shroud of Turin might be an example of photonic control. There are numerous examples of telekinesis (psychokinetic energy) that some people have been able to control. If you have seen the video of Criss Angel disappearing at a poolside in front of several amazed onlookers, go back and look very closely at where he was … you can see the energy displacement waves (like heat waves). What does that mean?

So the ‘frequencies’ we talk about infusing into various substances are part of everything that surrounds us and part of what makes us humans. We can measure those frequencies directly with several meters that detect bioelectric and biomagnetic field effects. The term ‘zero-point energy field’ as used by most of us non-physicists is actually incorrect, but has become a buzz-word that means a field of some kind of helpful frequencies. The real definition of a zero-point energy field is this: a quantum state vacuum with the lowest possible energy and containing no physical particles. The energy of the vacuum state is calculated to be one-trillionth of an erg and can be detected as the Casimir effect — the Cosmological Constant. The basic point is that photon fluctuations in the zero-point energy field can have electromagnetic effects.

All living things have a measurable bioelectric and biomagnetic field, albeit a very weak one. What we are attempting to do when infusing frequencies into objects is to have a positive effect on the biofield of the organism. The amazingly wonderful thing about being able to infuse frequencies into objects is that it actually works, whether you ‘feel it’ or not and regardless of belief system. As we proved in our first study on the frequency-infused pendants, there is statistical significance, which occurred even in the people who intended to debunk the pendants (much to their surprise).

How Frequency-Infused Pendants Raise our Vibratory Rate

We talk a lot about the raising of our vibrations but it might seem like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo if one has no idea what quantum physics is all about. Basically, everything is frequency, from the biggest to the smallest thing in existence. Every atom and every sub-particle has its’ own frequency. Every molecule and molecular structure has its’ own frequency. Every rock, plant, creature and planet has its’ own frequency … all unique to that particular manifestation of physicality.

We know from taking frequency readings that everything has a certain range of frequencies naturally. We can bump up that range by applying certain quantum mechanics principles to some items. Things like metal and stones accept these new frequencies readily, while plastics and wood do not (why, we don’t know for sure but I suspect it has to do with spin). We do know that when these items have had lots of beneficial frequencies added to them as are used with living organisms; there is an increase in both the vibratory frequency of the organism and also the cellular electrical voltage. These increases create an appropriate space for all sorts of interesting things to happen, from healing to greater enlightenment.

If you consider that quantum physicists are now discovering that we live in a very narrow frequency range, separated by as little as a 10 Hz difference from other dimensions, doesn’t it make more sense that we would start to notice things changing? For instance, if one is mildly psychic but then puts on a frequency-enhanced pendant that raises ones’ vibratory frequency to within the range of another dimension, is it such a surprise that one might start to hear and see things that others don’t?

It is said that everything that we need is already in existence in the Universe around us … just floating in the air, waiting to be called into physical manifestation. Is it such a stretch then, to believe that every vibratory frequency that we require to become … more … is actually available to every one of us? All we need is a reminder, a nudge, an example, and then we are able to embody that frequency. That is how our pendants work … they contain the vibratory reminders that our subtle energy bodies pick up on. Those frequencies are stored in our auras, and then filter into the physical body. Depending on how many blockages there are in the aura, this can take some time, but it can also be instantaneous. Those who are sensitive to these subtle energies can feel the difference right away. Those who are not so sensitive usually have to wait to see the effects manifest in their lives. It’s all about the energetic frequencies.

Quantum Frequency Infused Jewelry

The QuantumUB frequency-infused jewelry has specific healing frequencies placed into the stone, using cutting-edge quantum mechanics equipment. The stone is actually changed into a super-stone, if you will, that emits more than the usual energetic vibration known to that particular stone. The beauty of this is that we can take any stone and infuse it with a specific frequency aimed at producing an improvement in health and mood.

The stone is further enhanced when wrapped with precious metals in a certain configuration that raises the frequency even more. Frequency of energy of a zero-point nature is beneficial. There are variances according to the type of stone used, as well as the wrapping it is adorned with.

The whole point of wearing a Universal Balance pendant is to bring the body-mind-Spirit back into balance. It’s about being healthy, happy, and Conscious. Which brings up the question of how one chooses the ‘right’ pendant? It’s easy really … first, look at them and see which one attracts your attention the most. Then, to be sure, do some muscle testing (kinesiology).

To do a simple test by yourself, print out the photos of the pendants, cut them apart, mix them up, close your eyes, and feel each piece of paper. Pick whichever one feels the best. You can also do a little kinesiology test by placing your 3rd finger on top of the nailed of your index finger. Slide it back and forth a bit so you see how it feels. Then, place a finger or two of your other hand on the photo of each color while you say “this is the correct one for me”. When you hit the right one, your 3rd finger will stick to the index finger more. Sometimes the one that picks you is not what your usual choice would be, but don’t let that confuse you. Your body talks to you all the time; now it’s time to listen to it.

P2 Prosperity Pendant – A Specialty Product

We have reports from wearers of the P2 Pendant that circumstances improved within 3 days of beginning the wear it. This pendant contains frequencies that not only bring an increase in the usual work that one does, but also bring opportunities for expansion into other areas. Plus, there are frequencies that remove obstacles and energy blockages in the wearer.

The interesting thing about such frequencies has to do with the way we create the mix: we include frequencies to help the wearer stay upon their Path. In other words, the prosperity that comes tends to come in the normal avenues of one’s life, so that Balance is possible. For instance, everyone thinks that winning a million dollars would be the best thing that could happen to them, but in reality it might be the worst thing that could happen. If one is not prepared to deal with the negative energies that can come along with the positive, the results can be disastrous.

As in other methods of manifestation, it would be better to consider the end result that you are after, rather than the monetary amount. If what you want is enough money so that you can spend more time with your family, getting millions of dollars might not help at all. In fact, it might make everything worse. People who have not had the experience of having and keeping the money tend to waste it on frivolous things, despite their best intentions to do otherwise. Just watch any of the documentaries following lottery winners and you’ll see what I mean. Many of them end up losing everything.

If you set your sight on your end results you can end up far better than with just money. Setting your sights on the desired end result avoids all that nonsense. Say you always wanted to vacation in some exotic place. With your Prosperity pendant around your neck and over your heart, you say out loud: “I wonder how soon I will be taking an all expenses paid vacation to Exotic Land?” then you let your mind wander in a pleasant daydream about how wonderful that will be. You look at pictures or a video of Exotic Land, sighing in delight at the beauty of the place. Then you go to bed thinking of how much you will enjoy being there … and then forget about it. You go about your days, thinking of other things.

Suddenly you get a phone call announcing that YOU have won an ALL EXPENSES PAID luxury vacation to Exotic Land, from a raffle you entered a year ago and forgot all about. Now THAT is Prosperity manifesting!

Other ways the Prosperity pendant works have to do with increasing what you already have going. To determine what that might be, look back over your life and find the patterns. If you have always been lucky at gambling, then your luck will likely increase. If your way of making money is in helping others, then more opportunities to do so will come along. If you have only one job and no hobbies that bring in extra cash, you might get a promotion or a bonus. It will be different for each person and in alignment with the life Path. Of course, if you don’t want to work more hours, maybe it’s time to think about other ways to bring money in, so the frequencies can attract it to you in those new arenas.

Since wearing the P2 Prosperity pendant, I have noticed that my increase is occurring in all of the areas I currently collect money in. Others have experienced increased hours, beyond fulltime. Still others have had increased contracts that will bring in millions and others have had rather large — and unexpected — donations. One person even had a large contract awarded that had already been started by another company. Strange? Nope, just quantum physics. By creating a quantum entanglement between desired outcomes and current capabilities — and life Path — the frequencies infused in the pendant naturally attract Prosperity to you. Ahhhhh …. I love it when a plan comes together!

Flower of Life – Enlightenment Pendant

The Enlightenment pendant — this one is very interesting, both aesthetically and energetically. It’s a beautiful charoite donut, made even more beautiful when wrapped in silver and gold. The wire wrapping also increases the frequencies quite a bit.

When this batch of frequencies was put together, it was intended to help the wearer reach a meditative state quickly and naturally. What happened went beyond our expectations: if worn while sleeping, one tends to experience deeper sleep, instructional dreams and a more intense connection with the Creator and the Universe. If you just muttered ‘wow’ to yourself, you’re right there right along with us.

So here’s what our first customers have noticed with the new Enlightenment frequencies (beyond what was already mentioned): the pendant feels lighter — almost like it isn’t even there … so people take it off, heft it to make sure the stone is actually heavy, then put it back on, where it seems to become weightless again. Our psychic people are telling us that’s because that particular formula moves the stone partly outside our physical 3D world. It’s both here and not here at the same time.

People who are familiar with traversing energetically through the higher dimensions tell us that it takes one right up to the Highest Self but that only happens with the Flower of Life version.

The quantum physics explanation of how that could happen goes like this: it is a wave of possibility — therefore not observable — until someone observes it, when it becomes a particle … an object that exists in 3D. While it might be noticed by others, the wearer literally doesn’t notice it until they intend to observe it. Weird, huh? I mean, we have all heard the quantum physics particle vs. wave explanation but don’t expect to actually see it unless we are performing the split tube experiment.

Another unexpected effect is that of increased clarity for the wearer, which most customers say takes anywhere from one to three weeks to kick in. Suddenly they are finding that they see the Truth in situations and are better able to make the best decisions. They also report feeling calmer and less attached to what anyone else thinks; less reactive to the negative emotions of others … and thereby less negative themselves. Interesting.

At $59.99 ( for the plain design pendants) the Universal Balance pendants are probably the most cost efficient health products you can buy. Compare them to the popular ZeroPoint pendants (which I believe are not as powerful) at $159. For only $89 you can defeat the ill effects of the hundreds of $300 cell phones around you and all the other transmitting devices plus infuse your body with healing frequencies and it never wears out. Don’t let the small size fool you; this is a real healing bargain. There is also a jewelry version for $270, see the pictures in our Online Store.

Each pendant comes with a thick black cord, but you can use any chain or just put it into your pocket. It does work a bit better when it touches your skin. The pendant is 1 9/16 inches in diameter and weighs 1.0 ounces.

 Stop Cell Phones and Other Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic pollution is not limited to the cell phone near your body. The full spectrum of frequencies of all of the electromagnetic signals in your area go through every cell in your body all day. These signals include the electromagnetic power from (not a complete list):

Every TV station transmitter
Every AM, FM, and short wave radio station
Police and fire dispatch radio transmitters
All CB transmitters such as taxi dispatch
Electricity lines on poles in the street and in the walls of your house
Satellite transmitters such a Direct TV, SIRIUS Satellite Radio…
All cell phones* and cell phone tower transmitters sending signals back to cell phones
All Wi-Fi networks within range
Every time someone turns on a cell phone, the signal it transmits goes in all directions. In other words every operating cell phone that is within a few miles of you (uninterrupted by a solid mass), is transmitting radio waves through you. We have never before had so many electromagnetic waves constantly going through us.
This can reduce them.

Any one who can muscle test knows that a cell phone is harmful. For those who don’t know how to muscle test, it is easy to find the results of studies on electromagnetic pollution. A short Google search will probably yield you a controversy, but if you look closely, you will find this information:
In the early 1980s, the United States Navy conducted very well funded studies, spending about 100 million dollars. The results of their studies, showed that exposure to electromagnetic pollution resulted in altering the behavior of cells, tissues, organs and organisms; altered hormone levels, altered cell chemistry, altered immune processes, affected calcium ion bonding in cells, modified human brain waves, caused defects in chick embryos, and caused sterility in male animals.

People have a misconception that if a radio isn’t tuned to the station, you can’t get the signal. I have 20 years experience as an electrical engineer working on radar transmitters (radio wave penetration) and receivers and scanning radio receivers. I am intimately familiar with the ever increasing electromagnetic environment we live in. An incredible wide range of electromagnetic radio waves go through our body 24 hours a day.

A three inch by 1/8 inch antenna in your cell phone receives enough power to reproduce a complex message. We are about six feet by two feet, we receive that much more power (cross-section area determines exposure). My conclusion: we are 100 to 200 pounds of meat in a slow cooking microwave oven. It is having a constant, long term effect on our health and the new digital signals are much worse.

Digital Signals Are Worse
A doctor I know set up a local Wi-Fi network in his house so he and his wife could work on their computers without running network cables all over. When he turned on the transmitter for the Wi-Fi, his wife immediately developed arrhythmia. He is a cardiologist so he knows for sure what it was. He turned off the Wi-Fi and her arrhythmia stopped. This increased ill effect of digital signals is most likely due to the sharp edge of the square wave where the differential of the change of the signal approaches infinity.

But, wait, it is getting worse. Electrical companies are planning to use smart meters to radiate us 24/7* with out proper testing or understanding of what they are doing.

Power Lines

From Electrical & EMF Pollution & Potential Human Effects by Kathryn Wilson, ND, MI, QBS, BS Psy: There is a concern that a magnetic field greater than two milliGauss (mG.) causes cancer. In 1979, a report was published by epidemiologist Nancy Wertheimer and physicist Ed Leeper. They reached the conclusion that children who died from cancer were two to three times more likely to have lived within forty metres (130 feet) of a power transmission line. Another study noted that children living near power lines emitting a 4 mG EMF and a 500% increase in lymphomas, brain tumors and childhood leukemia. You can also save it on your computer once you open it.


Conflicts: May interfere with ATP sensitive treatments Cantron, Protocel, and Paw Paw


Save: $20.00