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BiomagScience Wellness Kit 


Teaches you how to do it yourself, includes all you need for using magnets for Pain, magnetic water therapy and other valuable information. Click on link above for more information. Kit sells for only $179.00 (the cost of one session with a practitioner.) 


 BioMagnetic PshychoEmotional Pairs                                                Psychoemotional Pair for Emotional Treatment

(available thru qualified health practitioners) 

The Medical Biomagnetism or Biomagnetic Pair (BMP) is technique developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán who uses pairs of magnets positioned in different concrete parts of our body to balance, this way, their PH and eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi and several type of parasites, helping our body to recover its health naturally and quickly. This therapy can treat a wide variety of diseases with success such as, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, blood, dermatological, respiratory, circulatory, liver, tumoral, joint and neuromuscular diseases among others. This is a very simple therapy that allows working with powerful but inoffensive magnets of different forms from which amazing results are obtained. It is also an external process; it cannot destroy tissues, facilitate contagions, leave chemical residues, or produce medical iatrogeny or undesirable side effects.

The Biomagnetic Psychoemotional Pair is a section within Biomagnetic Pair Protocol to detect emotions stored in our body and subconscious mind in order to release them using magnets. The first element of each pair is in black and has to be treated with the negative pole (black side) and the second element has to be treated with the positive pole (red side). The negative pole can alkalinize the area and the positive one can create an acid Ph. The negative pole is more powerful than the positive one. When the magnets are positioned on the right place in its correspondent pair, they extract literally the emotions stored in those areas, and we can feel sensations of lightness or emptiness. It’s like we’ve been treated with an mild but intense massage. This technique doesn’t have side effects just a relaxing sensation that makes us feel a nice pleasant sensation.

Using kinesiology we can detect emotions related with psychoemotional pairs within the body and when that pair is unbalanced we can unblock to release the trapped emotions stored in the area tested.

This technique is based on the principle that every emotion expresses a change and imbalance in the biomagnetic field of the body, and this way it can provoke a physical alteration that will be manifested in determine parts of the body: organs, glands, tissue and systems causing health problems in the long run. By treating our emotions detected in the areas affected, they can be released giving the chance to find a new balance and a better quality of life.

This method, the Biomagnetic Psychoemotional Pair, gives us the chance to rebalance our energy and unblock the unhealthy frequences from the negative emotions. If it is practiced on regular basis, many illnesses can be prevented since we can avoid that the level of stress to be accumulated, and therefore many diseases that stress can trigger.

Anxiety, depression and stress are states of mind, and the emotions that are behind them can create anguish, rage, frustration and fear. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence among other negative emotions can create a wide range of health problems when they are trapped within us continously.

The most recommendable is to combine the Biomagnetic Psychoemotional Pair with another psychotherapeutical approach, to stimulate an effective process of recovering.

You can check the internet for those certified to give these treatments or email me from form located above. I'm certified and can help you find someone close to you.  

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