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                               Energy Toolz with Specific Purpose 

Storing Signatures in a Crystalline Structure

 Most people are familiar with the ice crystal photos of Masaru Emoto and his “Messages from Water” collection. These two photos demonstrate the imprinting of thought energy on the crystal structure of water. One crystal was made by projecting love and appreciation into the water before freezing, the other ice crystal is just distilled water.

                                  Using the Pendant 

You can wear the pendant around your neck using any chain or the provided round leather cord, put in your pocket, of even tape it to your body. As long as the pendant is in your energy field your body will recognize it as an energy signature for the body part to which it relates.

                      How to Loose the Energy Signature

Strong electromagnetic signals can damage the energy signature. Keep the pendant at least two feet from strong electric motors especially when they are first turned on. This includes vacuum cleaners, grinders, and electric drills. Avoid exposing the pendants to X-rays or fluoroscopes. If you feel that the energy signature has been damaged, you can return the pendant, and it will be reimprinted free of charge.

                              Technical Description

These pendants and bracelets are not treatments. They are information in vibrational form. The energy signature in the pendent or bracelet does not directly act on any condition. It merely presents the body with vibrational information. The body must decide it wants the corresponding organ or gland to vibrate in this manner and make the change itself. There is no difference in this function than in reading a book that states that vitamin C is a cure for scurvy. No treatment occurs until the body takes the vitamin C. The book does not treat nor does the pendent or bracelet; they are only providing information. The book provides the information in written form and the pendent or bracelet provides the information in energetic form.

The pendants are imprinted with the energy signature of a healing organ or a body part that is recovering from a condition. Therefore, there are different pendants for different types of cancers. The pendant does not heal, it is simply vibrational information for the body to learn. Just as a book is information for your brain. For example, if a person reads about a diet plan for diabetes and uses that information to control their blood sugar, they can recover from diabetes. In the same way your body can take the vibrational information in the pendant and cause the related body part to vibrate in this healing manner.

Energy Medicine Machines 

Used to Make the 

Pendants and Bracelets

The accidental energies that may have been picked up by the pendants are cleared by the AMS – Wave Transfer** machine. The AMS – Wave Transfer machine was designed to duplicate energy signatures, but it has a powerful clear sequence used on each pendant before imprinting. By using this sequence with the input cup disconnected a maximum clearing is accomplished.

The final energy signature is imprinted into the pendants by the LIFE Biofeedback** machine. The LIFE Biofeedback machine was selected because of its 7,000 plus library of energy signatures. Thousands of LIFE Biofeedback machines are being used by practitioners and hospitals around the world most notably in Great Britain and China, but not so much in the United States where the AMA places a strangle hold on anything that does not bring profits to the pharmaceutical industry.

This web site offers energy medicine pendants and bracelets imprinted with

the healing energy signature of eight different cancers or customized for

most any condition. Available in store, scroll down. 


Energy Signature/Protection Pendants by Universal Balance

   (Click Here)

Almost all things contain energy and this energy vibrates in a complex manner depending on the object and the state of the object. This complex vibration of an object is called its energy signature.

L.I.F.E. System, a newer Biofeedback System**Click
If you know the benefit from wearing a copper bracelet, you already know a bit about energy medicine.

A Major Breakthrough
For almost two years, I have been struggling with adrenal weakness which caused dizziness. Although I usually treat myself using my LIFE Biofeedback machine its effect did not last.

I decided to imprint a pendant with the adrenal healing frequency from my machine. After two days of wearing the pendant, I noticed a major improvement and in three days I couldn’t make myself dizzy.

Fast Results
When you have a LIFE Biofeedback* session (the premiere energy medicine machine), you receive energy signatures for one hour and pay about $100. For as long as you wear an energy medicine pendant, you receive the energy signature that was imprinted into the pendant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the same as the energy signature used in the $18,000 Life Biofeedback machine.





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