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These new MRS cards (Cancer Muscle Response Stress Test Card Kit) have replaced the older TEST KITS, referred to in our other websites. There are no liquid or glass vials anymore, so shipping issues are eliminated and the FDA is aware that we no longer are selling TEST KITS.

List of Treatments - own pages.

Most people select an alternative treatment because it worked for a friend or because their research showed that it was the “best” treatment. Although these selection methods have some merits, they ignore an individual’s body chemistry and mental state.

Most alternative cancer treatments work on less than half the people who try them. Therefore, it is imperative to:
Be ready to try a couple of alternative treatments.

Test treatments
on yourself using the Muscle Response Stress Cards. Taking a treatment and waiting for results is time consuming and expensive. Using the Cards as described in the second paragraph of this page in “An End to All Disease” is fast and inexpensive.

This type of use is unfamiliar to most people. Therefore, if you are not familiar with Applied or Behavioral Kinesiology also called muscle testing, read the Principles of Operation section to see that the principles behind the MRS Cards are indeed well established.

Keeping in Mind that all the reference to MRS Cards throughout this website is making reference to Muscle Response Stress  (Behavioral Kinesiology).

We include free of charge 12 different samples to try on yourself. You may incorporate your own samples and get results. We include in the kits, an Energetic Booklet, instructions on use with your free samples and other means try.

We suggest you read more about Kinesiology and look up video’s on YouTube are also helpful to give more understanding to these techniques.

Behavioral Kinesiology For 12 Cancer Treatments (MRS Cards)

To perform this type of muscle stress response, you must obtain a sample of each treatment. If purchased separately, even in the smallest amounts available, the 12 treatments presented on this web site would cost more than $800. However, you can purchase the MRS Cards containing (12) free sample cards imprinted with the energy signature of those treatments for only $48. (Formally called Alternative Cancer Test Kits) Using the Cards with a cancer patient can increase his or her interest in alternatives and a better understanding of their body.


Principles of Operation 

The principles used by the MRS Cards are more main-stream than first appears. The internationally renowned author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer had this to say about the related book “Power vs. Force” by Dr. David Hawkins, “Perhaps the most important and significant book I’ve read in the past ten years.” The main subject of this book is the Self Test Kit principle of operation.

The first two sentences of Chapter One:
“The evolution of this work, which began in 1965, was fostered by developments in numerous scientific fields, but a few of them were of special importance. Clinical research on the psychology of the nervous system and a holistic functioning of a human organism resulted in the development in the 1970s of the new science of (Behavioral)Kinesiology.”
The principle of operation behind the MRS Cards are Behavioral Kinesiology.

Behavioral Kinesiology

If you have ever had a chiropractor test your strength by holding your arm out while you held a sample of some substance, you have experienced Behavioral Kinesiology. Behavioral Kinesiology is often called Kinesiology, applied Kinesiology, or muscle testing as in the quote above. It is based on two scientifically proven but little known facts:

* Every food or medicine has a unique energy signature.

*Our bodies respond to this energy signature in testable ways.

Historical Development

In the 1950s Doctor Reinhold Voll performed experiments that measured the electrical characteristics of acupuncture points (now called electrodermal testing). He found that these electrical characteristics changed when a food or substance was placed near a person. The positive or negative change indicated the patients reaction as if they had taken the substance.

Enter Behavioral Kinesiology

In 1964, Dr George Goodheart DC discovered that testing the strength of a muscle could be used to gather information about the body. Since that time muscle testing has been widely used by conventional doctors, chiropractors, and everyday people.



Applied Kinesiology

What is applied kinesiology?
Kinesiology, also known as biomechanics, is the study of body movement. Applied kinesiology (AK) which is also know as muscle strength testing, is a method of diagnosis and treatment based on the belief that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands, and that specific muscle weakness can signal distant internal problems such as nerve damage, reduced blood supply, chemical imbalances or other organ or gland problems. Practitioners contend that by correcting this muscle weakness, you can help heal a problem in the associated internal organ.


Are there any side effects or conditions where applied kinesiology should be avoided?
While generally regarded as harmless for most people, when used alone for someone who is seriously ill, AK could cause a delay in getting proper medical treatment. According to the American Cancer Society, applied kinesiology has occasionally resulted in harm, including one death due to incorrect diagnosis and choice of treatment. Relying on AK alone could be dangerous for patients with serious diseases such as cancer. 

Dr. Andrew Weil Website       Great Site for many different types of information, not only cancer. 

In the 1970s, John Diamond, M.D. found that a person’s strength was affected by nearby substances, see the yellow and red book to the right. The field of Behavioral Kinesiology was born. Behavioral Kinesiology is a type of muscle testing, but not the same as Applied Kinesiology used for diagnosis. Not surprisingly, in 1997 Dr. Diamond wrote a book on cancer (see “Cancer” on the right). To learn more about Behavioral Kinesiology you can:

Read AK Manual Muscle Testing**.
Read about the widely acclaimed book “Power vs Force“**
Visit web sites such as Wellness kinesiology**
Read a list of publications addressing the reliability and validity of muscle testing**.



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