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 “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think” Socrates

Developing a comprehensive cancer treatment plan takes experience, and we will talk until we cover all the subjects that are relevant to your situation and until all your questions are answered.

There is no time limit or extra fee. It is important that you put aside one hour for the consultation. I cannot break up a consultation over multiple days, but we can take long breaks or have a half session in the morning and another in the afternoon. I only perform one consultation per day.

Encouragement and Confidence

Nearly every time I have a consultation, people comment on how much better they feel after talking with me. They explain that they are encouraged and confidant that they will be successful. This is because I give them a detailed, personalized, and comprehensive plan and include therapies that make sense but had escaped their research.

A Comprehensive Consultation

More than most diseases, cancer requires a comprehensive approach (I avoid using the term holistic although this is a holistic approach because people confuse holistic with homeopathic). During the consultation, we will cover these aspects of treating cancer:

Biochemical — How to select the right supplements for your unique body chemistry without time wasting trial and error.

Energetic — The energy flow that acupuncturists work with has strong healing effects. Learn simple ways to keep this energy flowing daily.

Emotional — 80% of cancer patients have an emotional event that triggered their disease. We will explore fast and simple methods to fix the damage such as tapping.

Spiritual — To recover your health your spirit must be nurtured. There are many ways to do this. We will explore ways that you are comfortable with.

Motivational — Typically, a cancer patient has too many things to do. We will develop an easy method to inspire you to keep on track.

Energy — Feeling tired is often a problem with cancer patients. Fear and common infection are just two ways we lose energy. I will help you find your energy.


The Best Treatment Ever Attempted*

The only treatment with over a 90% success rate in stopping tumor growth can be logistically challenging and depends on considerations such as your location, occupation…. We will explore whether or not you will be able to use this approach. So far about 70% of the people I have worked with were able to do it.

Why We Charge for a Phone Conversation*

Cancer is complicated so answers are full of details. When I have checked with people I talked to on the phone, I found that they always confused the details.

Therefore, I feel I must supply, in writing, all the details of the subjects we cover during the phone consultation. I do this in a summary written in MS Word complete with an extensive table of contents. It is usually about 25 pages long. The summary also contains instruction on how to use it as a receptacle for future information. This reduces information overload.

The consultation summary is obviously time consuming. Therefore, I must charge for the consultation not only because of the long time on the phone but because of the long time afterwards compiling the file. The total time my colleagues and I spend on a consultation is about three hours.


A 25 to 30 page summary is a bit unwieldy when trying to find the next step. So the summary has a short, single page summary that contains not only step after step, but links to sections in the summary that support the step.

Consultation Extras and Guarantee

When you order a consultation, you get the following:
An MS Word file containing all the details of each subject that we covered including a table of contents. This means that you will not have to take notes when we speak.

Additional files to support and track your progress.

Priority email support for further questions or treatment change review.

You are encouraged to have a couple of people on the phone during the consultation including the patient even if they are not able to activity participate. Speaker phone is fine.

Guarantee is Unconditional

All the information that I cover in the consultation is available on the website. It is confusing for many to go in too many directions on the site. The original site had 196 pages (of which one page could consist of as many as ten pages with fifteen links), it is now condensed down. I’m not a medical practitioner, nor can I answer any technical or medical issues. I can direct you in finding those who may be able to help. So please don’t expect me to answer questions about things I’m not equipped to answer. I need to avoid any conflict with the powers that be, watching out for people like myself to be giving medical advice. I can’t and wont give medical advise. Please read my disclaimer.

A  partial refund  is available at any time after the consultation. If, for any reason, you don’t feel that you received appropriate value for your money, just email us with your partial refund request.

Other Consultations

Another comprehensive phone consultation is offered by Ralph Moss. He has written a number of books on cancer and has a PhD in science writing. Dr. Moss charges $500 for a one hour phone consultation and requires that you purchase a $297 diagnosis-specific report prior to the consultation. Total cost for the consultation (without a personalized consultation summary) is $797. To date there are many others out there trying to make a living giving consultations. Cheri has taken over the consultations for five years, starting (2011) to present.


Consultations usually occur within a week after placing the order. Evenings and weekends are available at no extra charge.

Some people choose to go into the shopping cart and purchase the MRS Cards (Muscle Response Stress Cards) Kinesiology, which can give someone a feeling of Alternative Cancer products. Others choose to use the Hypno CD's and then again the Tapping DVD. Since most people have experienced some type of stress prior to being diagnosed with Cancer, the CD's and DVD might be of interest. 


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