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Treatment Consultation

Developing a comprehensive cancer treatment plan takes experience, and we'll talk to you until we cover all the subjects that are relevant to your situation.

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Cancer Treatments

Twelve Alternative cancer treatments... Explained in detail with compatibility charts. Comparison, pricing and research.

Alternative Cancer Treatments...

Muscle Stress Tests

A Muscle Stress Test is used to determine how your heart responds to stress and disease through rhythmic evidence determined by the blood flow to the heart muscle.

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Tapping DVD & CD's

A pleasant CD that offers relaxation, focus and a means of dealing with the everyday stress of striving for abundant health and well being in a gentle and suggestive manner.

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Energy Tools

Almost all things contain energy and this energy vibrates in a complex manner depending on the object and the state of the object for healing.

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Cancer Essentials

There are essentials to alternative cancer treatment beyond the principle treatment a patient may be taking. One of the main ones is how to boost your immune system.

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