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             CBD Products with Nano technology


Many people have a misconception of what Cannabinoids (CBD's) really are, they happen to associate it with Marijuana or Cannabis. Below you will find the Health Benefits and differences. I have been involved in the research of these products since the 60's. These products that I recommend checking out are of the best quality on the market. This comes from over 50 years of research, of which, I spent time in Vietnam in the sixties with the war and survivors who had been injured and used cannabinoids. Email me with any questions on the form to the right. 
I'd love to hear any comments, research or uses you have personally observed or benefited from.


Please look at the products available below, beginning with the newest nano water technology.   


                          Living Water with CBD Nano technology

THE FUTURE OF WATER IS HERE TODAY! Using Quantum physics CBD Living Water takes CBD and Nutrients and puts them through a process using Nano Technology which, Nano sizes them into tiny particles, one millionth of their size. We then encapsulate them in a water cluster and, infuse them in perfect 7.4 PH Water and CBD Living water is created!

Nano Amplified Effects 

This process allows the Nano Sized CBD and Nano Size Nutrients immediately penetrate into your cells, past the blood brain barrier and gives the body immediate 100% bio availability, giving a NANO AMPLIFIED EFFECT (gives up to 10 X the effect).

The Difference?

When ingesting CBD and Nutrients, traditionally a majority of the CBD

or the Nutrients are lost to the bodies’ digestive system. Often, this

loss is upwards of 90%. Nano amplification allows you to experience 100%

of the CBD and nutrients because they go directly into your cells.

Nano sized nutrient particle delivery is the most effective way to

introduce nutrients in your body.

Ordering (Click) Each CBD Living Water Below

The best way to obtain the most benefit from Water and CBD Technology.  

Comes in 1 Bottle - 3 Pack -  6 Pack - 12 and 24 Pack


 Click on a product to go to the Store For Prices and purchase!

   Chocolate Bar with 120 MG CBD  Net Wt 26g

Delicious tasting Chocolate Bar loaded with 120mg of CBD, great for pain relief, energy

 Gummies for Living  30CBD. 

CBD Living Gummies are infused with Nano sized Canabidiol (CBD) & Vitamins (B12/D3).


 Our CBD reacts immediately within the endo-cannabinoid system, which is tied                                                                                                                    into every other complex system, bringing great benefits to our whole body.

 CBD Living Sleep Aid Syrup 60 MG + 15MG MG

 We are proud to bring you CBD syrup compounded by a LICENSED PHARMACIST delivering the best products on the market.Our CBD Living Sleeping aid formula brings you an unparalleled relaxing CBD syrup experience.Comes in Grape or Cherry

CBD Living ISOLATE Crystaline 


 CBD Isolate Crystal is oil soluble (not water soluble) and without any off-taste.

This is suitable for edibles, vape, and liquid formation.  

Product application is recommended to melt in an oil and infuse into edible, vape, or place in a dropper and take orally. 

CBD Living Crumble 500MG 

Our crumble is rich in nutrients and contains 50% CBD.  It’s also made of full plant terpenes, contains no THC. 

For a great treat, add it to a hot beverage.

CBD Living Shatter 500MG  

 Experience Shatter! It contains 90% CBD and 10% plant terpenes. It contains no THC.

CBD Living Gel Capsules 5 Count           CBD Living Gel Capsules 30 Count

Our CBD living gel capsules contain a massive 25 mg of full spectrum nano CBD oil.                                                                                                   Which means each capsule is loaded with nutrients. Each bottle contains 30 gel capsules. 


 For The History of Cannabis and Cannabinoids please click here.

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