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Pancreatic Enzymes 
All information is free and constantly updated. This page examines the most recent interest (fall of 2010) in enzyme therapy.  Enzymes have been around for years as a standard part of cancer treatment.  However, convectional medicine pushes away anything old that is of value so they can convince the public that we must continue to fund cancer research. What people need to do is explore methods of determining which of the previously developed cancer protocols works for them.

Our bodies use enzymes to control cancer which is actually a response to damage from an injury.

In every phone consultation* we describe two of the more powerful enzyme formulas: for cancer:

Megazyme Forte
One of the larger Megazyme Forte pill contains the following:

Amylase 105 mg
Bovine tissue extract (super-oxide dismutase) .15 mg
Bromelain 750 mg
Catalase 600 units
Chymotrypsin 7.5 mg
L-Glutathione Reduced 30 mg.
Lipase 105 mg
Pancreatin 1,000 mg
Papain 150 mg
Rutin 300 mg
Thymus concentrate 165 mg
Trypsin 375 mg
Zinc gluconate 30 mg


Of the two enzyme formulas Megazyme Forte and Wobenzym, Megazyme is the least expensive and the higher potency. Megazyme Forte is not sold by this web site  This web site offers the following Tools for Cancer Patients. The CD and DVD combo* is the best value. The phone consultation* is the most valuable.

Ordering Megazyme Forte
A one month preventative supply (one bottle) costs only $16. People treating cancer often double that amount. To order Megazyme Forte, go to Megazyme Forte**. 

Wobenzym is a bit more expensive than Megazyme Forte and contains:

Bromelain………………..135 mg
Chymotrypsin………………3 mg
Pancreatin……………….300 mg
Papain…………………….180 mg
Rutosid……………………150 mg
Trypsin………………………72 mg

Recommended therapeutic doses of Wobenzym N are often 30 pills a day (ten pills 45 minutes before each meal)

Wobenzym N had been used in all types of inflammatory diseases like sinusitis, rhematoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, fever, swelling and sports injury. Despite the many potential benefits associated with Wobenzym N, there have been a few side effects reported. These include brief periods of stomach cramping, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting or reflux.

Wobenzym N has the potential risk of a serious allergic reaction in people with known allergies to papaya and pineapple. A person is more likely to be allergic to Wobenzym N if they have a known allergy to latex, birch, cypress, carrot, celery, caraway or wheat.

Wobenzym Ordering
Wobenzym N is not sold by this web site. This web site offers the following Tools for Cancer Patients. The CD and DVD combo* is the best value. The phone consultation* is the most valuable.

Ordering Wobenzym N
Most people purchase Wobenzym N on the web.

You can  purchase Wobenzym N from different sources on the interrnet.


Most cancer patients start out taking three of the small Wobenzym pills three times a day and work up to 30 pills a day over two weeks.

Protein Timing
High protein foods, especially slow digesting meat, should be taken at breakfast and lunch only. When this is strictly observed the pancreatic enzymes, used in digestion of protein, are used only about 6 hours. This leaves 18 hours for production of pancreatic enzymes to digest cancer tissue.